Dear Bro. Paul,
As I have said before I've had one heck of a distracting year - nearly over and into 2014. Thank our good God that Jesus is the Captain of our Days - certainly for the Truly Saved! Must say thanks for your Baptism clips, really Christ honouring that folk are willing to appear in odd situations to fulfil this ordinance… Click

Mind you, our sea is a lot colder though my son-in-law was baptized at ‘Lanzarote/Spanish Islands’ in the sea with a few friends as witnesses - very informal but real enough to him. And thank you for the Great Testimonies sent, from all the 'Born Again' disciples of Jesus. Actually, neither I nor Linda hear any real testimonies (here in Nottingham/UK) - particularly in the Churches - which we think is sad.

Denominations are a curse. You'll notice (and I have read some of your Papal comments) that the Pope is bidding for the high ground proclaiming Peace and more Peace - and the only Peace that abounds is that True Peace we can have with Jesus the Christ indwelling - yes? Outside of that as a Holy Spirit prophecy confirmed, Peace in Him is for the asking but spurned by just about everyone but a few and the days ahead are getting much worse .. ref/Matthew 24:36-38.

By the way, you appear to have had it cracking hot, (down there in Oz) we are getting it very wet and windy here but there's no danger of bush fires here - yet. Thought came to me the other day and it goes something like this. If only the Seekers after Christ Jesus would realise that we are actually in a Battle as forerunners of the Kingdom of God. Putting on the Christ Nature is Vital and as Soldiers we need ‘Obedience to the Word’ .. ref/2 Timothy 2:1-4, Ephesians 6:10-20, Ephesians 4:17-24.
This is light years away from the ‘Common Church Thinking’ that we have surrounding us today - having been ‘Born Again and Saved Eternally’ (wrong) - being part of a Church and the Sunday Worship Team/format is all we need - Plus Good Works here and there. But, Soldiers should be properly Armed - Tooled up through the Word - and be ready for the Crafty Wiles of the Enemy.
But you suffer Insults and worse for speaking Truth, and I get Ostracised for 'Criticising, (Setting things in order)' and you and yours are getting the attention of 'Snipers' for such an Un-Loving attitude! But this Battle is for an Eternal Christ and the King's reward, only ever one chance. .. Click

Some of your Holy Spirit Understanding is awesome in depth as I have noticed, and you never went to Theological College ?. ( I'm joking) that's actually why you haven't been 'Polluted' . For this reason, thousands think they know much better than you and the times I've had a chuckle at the 'Intellectual Ignorance' shown by a lot of people!.. Click

You are relentless, sister Juvy must feed you well, for natural energy and Holy Ghost is the one who gives you Spiritual Energy!

Must close, all Love in Christ to you and yours,
Bro. Roger Palmer
Christian Expression Fellowship .. Nottingham/UK