‘DISCERNING THE TIMES’ .. and the Ministers
The following paragraph was taken from a ‘Letter of Warning, sent by Street Church in Adelaide’ to JTCM-Mission, back in April 2012. What we aim to reveal here is the Confusion, Lies, Deception and lack of Discernment of ‘Street Church’… Not to mention lack of respect for the Anointed of Yahweh.. Jesus the Christ.
“You have a ‘False God’ that does your bidding? Ha!..ha!.. Sheehan!... Repent from your Sin before it’s too late!... You Stiff Necked Looney”

Signed .... The nameless ‘Joker’ from Street Church/Office , Hindley St , Adelaide.. the home base of Sam and Caleb Corneloup .... Click
Now here (below) we have a totally different story, discernment and perception, written of Paul Sheehan .. from a close Friend and Associate of the ‘Corneloup Brothers and Street Church’… who promotes the Corneloups on his website … and attacks me at every opportunity given. Here below is one of the only Truths I have ever heard the Corneloups Associate BK speak of me. It makes you wonder if Mr Kluver even believes what he claims he believes (about the anointed of God) given the rot, lies he has spoken about me …. J
“It Must be said at this point that we have Great Admiration and Respect for all those who have been Called and Unctioned to Preach on the streets of this Nation and others, and that ‘Includes Paul Sheehan’, for we realise that there Must be Grace Imparted in a measure from Loving Father for This Ministry (Jesus the Christ Ministries-Mission) to manifest, (and it is this Grace/Anointing that We Admire and have Deep Reverence for.”.. B. Kluver (taken from his website)
Wisdom is Known by her Daughters ..
Be wise as a reptile and harmless as a pigeon
Pastor Paul Sheehan .. Click