(a tear away religious group from the AOG/South Australia, who yell at everyone in the Adelaide Rundle St...Mall...proudly affiliated with Calvinists, Baptists & the X AOG convert Phil Powell of CWM/Brisbane)

No one owned to these Anti-Christ words sent by email from the office of Street Church/Hindley Pastor Sheehan of JTCM-Mission, no one was Christian (honest) enough. All original emails 6+ are saved on drafts. Here are the high points, all in one letter...or is that low points. At least Muslim terrorists have the 'guts and conviction of their belief' to own to their words and wickedness and don't hide like cowards.

...The whole Joke started ...On Fri, 6 Apr 2012 16:09:18 +0400, Street Church Office/Adelaide wrote:
Hi Paul, ha!.. ha!.. big deal you have 1850 views on UTube, that’s really low! ..... especially for the amount of videos you have! .... take a look at ‘OUR’ videos ....L, keep in mind there will be hundreds of thousands of viewers by the end of the year! .... mark it down, OUR You Tube channel will be in the hundreds of thousands soon!! .... (confirmation .... ref/1 Corinthians 3: 1-3).

We have loads of expository sermons they are slowly being uploaded. You talk about who I associate with (Calvinists) as being my downfall, but you never say anything against us personally. ... click

I am not going to your You Tube Channel ... JUVY679 ... just so you can get your first you tube view!..... respond to my question (demands) PAUL! .....
L .... are you afraid to talk? Where is your big mouth now?.... your ranting is pathetic. Ha!..ha!, you are an Ignorant man Sheehan! ......... (confirmation ...... ref/Acts 4:13).

You have committed Crimes against God, perhaps you were ‘Once Saved’ but YOU ‘HAVE’ LOST YOUR SALVATION and gone against the ‘Voice of the Spirit’ speaking to you!.... ‘Perhaps there is still time’ to repent!..... click

Paul you are Mad, .... ‘I hear’ .... that you can’t play the piano very well either and you get upset when others are better pianists than you! Face the facts, you are full of pride and because things are not done your way you throw  a little tantrum. It has nothing to do with being scriptural or not, it’s just that ‘People Don’t Want to Conform’ to your garbage mindset! ..... (confirmation ... ref/Mark 3:21) ... click
JTCM Note .. ”Pastor Sheehan has never had anything to do with pianos, ever, he doesn’t and can’t play the piano at all .. interesting hey?... J, only fools and gulls listen to hear say”... click
You have a ‘False God’ that does your bidding? Ha!..ha!.. Sheehan!... Repent from your sin before it’s too late!............ (confirmation ...... ref/John 9:24) .... selah.
You Stiff Necked Looney.
Signed .... The
nameless ‘Joker’ from Street Church/Office , Hindley St , Adelaide ..... the home base of Sam and Caleb Corneloup ................ CLICK

Things can get ugly .... when you let the truth loose ....J
Postscript by JTCM ... One minute Pastor Sheehan ‘has already lost’ his Salvation and then on the very next line, the Joker says .. “Perhaps there is still time to repent”... this one is confused to no end. This is how you know it is not God leading/ministering through this nasty-Joker .. he is just confused, carnal, defiled and filled with jealousy and anger.There is no love to be seen anywhere in his mouth and this religious group talks about fruit. May the good Lord bless them all with the Messianic-truth.
The attached links are excellent video teachings about ‘so called’ ministers/pastors who sell/peddle the ’Word of God’ ... and the falsity of that deceptive song .. ‘Amazing Grace.’
(copies of video/dvds are available for distribution worldwide, free of charge .... on request)