When a member of JTCM - Mission asked the religious group called 'Street Church Adelaide'.......about 'Absolute Predestination' and the teaching of David Wilkerson (deceased) of Time Square Church NYC.....JTCM-Mission received the following email. This group CA complains endlessly about crooked churches, crooked ministers and crooked doctrine.......well, the email speaks for itself, loud and clear. It tells the whole story and is by no means straight, once again it shows that there are many who say they live outside the Religious Gate without the camp, have the truth (proclaiming to stand for the 'uncompromised' truth) and then in the next breath write the following emails..........It's a contradiction and fudging of the truth, at its best but the crowds love it........ref/Hebrews 13:13.......Selah.


"I don't see what is wrong with David Wilkerson. I see him taking a stand against the 'false apostate gospel' that says......if you repeat this prayer after me you're saved.

I don't think 'Calvinism' is going to damn someone, the bible says.......Repent and Believe the Gospel to be saved".

Sam/Street Church Adelaide...................26.4.2011.


There is a problem here, a serious problem, it's called the supporting of a 'heretic-false-doctrine' called 'Calvinism' which Sam says is not damnable. The devil told Pastoress: Eve Dusty - Ribb the very same thing. At the same time 'Prayer alone' is no more able to save the soul from eternal-hell than 'Grace Alone', for scripture exposes neither to be true. It has to be prayer, grace and faith in the Christ, ongoing, continuance to the end, for they who endure to the end shall be saved to the uttermost. Whether that be the end of your earthly life or the upward call. It must be faith in the faith/doctrine of the Christ......this is made clear by obedience, which is biblical-faith. Esau prayed with tears but God overlooked him, scripture says......ref/Romans 11:22, John 15:2, 6, Hebrews

Adelaide is most definitely the city of churched-peoples and we have seen this magnified recently not only in Adelaide but nationwide in the 2011 Rabbit Season (easter) but where is the Christ, surely not still on a crucifix hanging around some religious persons neck.

I am sure when Jesus said....."Will I find any faithful when I come"...he was no doubt talking about finding any who adhere to his teaching-doctrine. At the end of the day it is not about what 'we think' but what Messiah Says, this will be the horrifying shock at the judgement stand......ref/1 Timothy 4:16, Ephesians 2:8, 1 Peter Many peoples just like Sam admire William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army, however, it is said that Booth got his teachings from Wesley and this is what Wesley says

"I do not believe the doctrine of 'Absolute Predestination'. I never did believe it, nor the doctrines connected with it, no, not for an hour. I cannot while I believe the Bible.

The doctrine of 'Absolute Predestination' is false. It's not only false, but a very dangerous doctrine, as we have seen a thousand times. Does it not hinder the work of God in the soul, feed all evil and weaken all good tempers, turn many quite out of the way of life and drive them to perdition".....John Wesley.......
(absolute-predestination = Calvinism).

So how could Sam say 'Calvinism' is harmless and say at the same time he believes that Booth was a true man of God, someone's confused and contradicting himself. Could it be Mr. Scripture himself- Sam? And how many Salvos in the 21st Century believe Booth and how many of Booth's admirers and promoters adhere to his teaching, which was Wesley's teaching, which was the Christ's teaching? Well, how many professing- Christians today believe Jesus the Christ and adhere to his teaching?......these are scary questions indeed. Most prefer to recklessly say......"false teaching is not going to damn you, well, I don't think Calvinism is going to damn someone". Then turn around and call their teaching pure word and no

Surely the greatest crook of all is the one who feeds peoples false doctrine.....for its end is eternal-hell fire and isn't that exactly what Calvinism (absolute-predestination) is, false. Mr. Sam says on his web site in extra large print that he and his groupies desperately want to see Jesus glorified in his city/Adelaide and then he sends out emails like this one above and bad mouths seasoned ministers in the Christ's Ministry, this bloke is self-deceived.

As I said to him on the phone when he ear bashed me for three hours......"You have 'cursed yourself' with the curse-trouble that comes with not receiving the love of the truth of the Christ.....strong-delusion"....ref/2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.......Selah.

Surely if you teach that 'Calvinism' is harmless and not considered 'Another Gospel' you are deceived and just as big a crook and murderer as Calvin. All false teaching is lethal, 'Calvinism' at the top of the list (with Roman Catholicism) and eternally lethal at that, if not repented of and forsaken outright, once and for all....ref/John 9-11......Selah.

Sam also says he is a sinner and doesn't believe a person can be 'perfect/without known sin', which was one of Wesley's teachings. Sam also promotes Dave Wilkerson's partner in theological-crime.....compromiser Carter Conlon whose wife is apparently a Pastor, this pastoress bit can't be found in scripture either, just another pentecostal AOG false-teaching, jezebelic exaltation.......(a pastor is to be the husband of one wife).

Sam says in his defence of himself and his religious group......"We are 'far' from perfect but I am sure God will lead us for his Glory"

Sam is the elder and leader of his little group in Adelaide, the city of churched peoples 'Street Church Adelaide' he calls it and says 'he' is a real crowd drawer. The 'President' of the apparent Church is Caleb Corneloup, President?

I haven't heard of any president in the 5 Fold Ministry of the Christ or in the NT writings how about you?...they must have added that one in.....what is it a 'Buffalo Lodge'. Remember, these are the pure-word-no compromise peoples-without man's opinions added. I often wonder about people who draw crowds to church meets and boast of it in the 21st century.

When they are supposedly proclaiming a message that calls for the crucifixion of self to death, a message that very few would be even interested in, in this age of ease and evil and rightly so according to scripture, for few find the narrow gate. For as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be before the Christ returns for his remnant......ref/Romans 8:12, 13, Philippians 1:21, Philippians 3:10, 11, Matthew 24:37

Sam also insists that peoples read the King James Bible, Sam is a real translation buff with little faith in the Christ or the paraclete and teaches that speaking in 'other tongue/a heavenly language' is gibber. He  also believes that taking a church collection, donations, offerings for ministry work is ungodly and no better than selling/peddling the Word of

No, selling the Word of God is despicable and faithless and most churches today do it but we at JTCM condemn such behaviour in our teaching as the bible does. So what does scripture say about donations?.....even commands.....ref/1 Corinthians 9:14 and here's another goody.....ref/1 Corinthians 9:11.......with a

Sam is a fine example of a young man who has angrily jumped out of the AOG pentecostal frying pan into the headstrong fire of the pride of intellectual supremacy, nearly all his sentences start with......'I think'. Sam then 'says' he offers the pure word of God with no mans opinions or views attached. He obviously hasn't made up his mind as yet. he needs to make up his mind once and for all, then maybe just maybe, I would sincerely listen to his complaints. Sam's spelling is pretty crook too, yet he calls himself a web designer/director, his words are pretty much same old same old, sour grapes and look at me I'm humble (not).

There are no names on his web site, no photos of who the authority of the group is and he seems to think that this is humble and glorifies God, I don't know how he arrives at that conclusion. If anything, that is false humility, for his mouth gives him away every time he opens it.

 Maybe he isn't man enough to own to his convictions, whatever they are. Any man worth his salt would put his name on his beliefs, date them, be man enough to own them and then joyfully receive the consequences thereof, whether that be rejection, jail, rebuke, slander, reward or death even hell-fire.

As for Sam's web site content, which is very little, surely just another jumble sale of other men's messages and lame DVD clips that he seems to 'think' are straight but if he only knew, by paraclete insight they too are compromisers like him, which is why he has them displayed on his site. A little leaven will eventually leaven the whole lot. There are (at my last viewing of his web site) no meaty-teachings, prophecy or testimonies of 'his own' or of anything or anyone testifying of what Messiah has done through this so called elder Sam, what a froot-loop.

No, not a jot of authenticity anywhere to be seen. Just the little toe dangling in the realm of the religions of men and women......maybe, could be, I think, well, it doesn't really matter, I don't think it's damnable and besides, God loves everyone in the world and I find nothing wrong with half truths for they are not damnable neither is Calvinism.

I hope I haven't gone too hard on this novice but after all he did come to me as a 'know all' trying to push his weight around. His tantrum behaviour may work in the Rundle Mall/Adelaide and with his wife but it won't cut the mustard with me. His deviant underhanded recording-snares and demanding rude invasive attitude would embarrass the standard of any local thug, stand over merchant in Adelaide, they would feel outdated.

He humbly says 'he' is a crowd drawer when he speaks in public and I don't doubt that, I used to see a bloke in the Brisbane City Mall who 'had a cat in a cradle with a silver spoon and he wore something like a witch doctor hat and sang merrily while playing a fiddle'.......he was a crowd drawer too. And O, how the boys at school used to draw the crowds when there was a punch up behind the school dunny. And they stood in the snow for hours on end to hear the words of Charles Spurgeon and take a look at his belief system, crickey!

And what about the crowds that Iron Maiden, Mick Jagger, Kate (catwalk-Anglican) Middleton and Sexpo draw every time they hit town, not to mention Ben Hinn the Pentecotal Pope and the RC Pope - Ben 16?........who are all hell bound if scripture is true. And what about the crowds at the King George Square Brisbane City who flocked to see the painted cows, they flocked to Noah too didn't they, hardly, read the story here, just

Strange days indeed, we had a cat frantically scratching, ripping and tearing at our fly screens on our house windows in the last couple of days and again last night.......28.4.2011. Then suddenly we received a phone call from Sam (a three hour mobile phone call) the elder, at the courteous hour of 10pm on the 28th....when he started his supremacy rave. Could that cat invasion have been a symbolic thing, (like dark speech) that someone's about to savage me and my house with their mouth? Absolutely ear bashed me for three hours. And the most despicable thing about the three hour call was that this self-called unGodly churched-elder Sam said he was recording our conversation and was threatening me to put our conversation on internet space, for the dead beats of the world to listen in, as if I had something to hide that was in the

One thing that has got me puzzled is that.....Sam in 'his' phone call to me said....."You are no prophet, you don't know scripture and you are false but I am not saying that you are not a Christian". How could a false prophet and a man ignorant of scripture who leads others astray be (a christian) saved???..........impossibility.

He also said in one of his emails that members of the church should depart from JTCM because it is a false ministry. How could you blabb all that and then say the person he is referring to could be a christian? You couldn't, if the accusation was true and scripture is true. Sam is a little confused and very contradictory. Let us not forget that Holy Ghost is the spirit of truth and lucidity. I reckon Sam has drawn his rusty-blunt-sword on the wrong
Whatever people, men or women over the past 24 years ministry have meant for evil concerning JTCM-Mission, my family and I it has always been turned around for our good by our omniscient God, Jesus the Christ........praise the Lamb!

Then again others such as Toowoomba City Church leadership who used to bad mouth me to their congregation have been dealt with severely and suddenly out of nowhere, "I do not contribute this solely to their bad treatment and outright rejection of me many years prior' but surely we reap what we sow, or is that evil too.......ref: 2010 Twba flash-floods which nearly demolished the entire church which apparently is a meeting place for 50-60 Toowoomba ministers.

And nearby was a place called 'The Basement' a free-feed house which once upon a time had Christian literature made available to all who frequently visited the place but only the other day I am told by a young Christian lad in an email from Toowoomba that it's all about tucker/food now, no literature or even mention of the Christ. Then you wonder why God rebukes them......But these catastrophes are usually palmed off as matriarchal Mother-Nature with usual, again, still, so what.

We know about the bad mouthing of this church through one 'of their own members' who delivered a cassette recording from the church with the bad mouthing of me on it, amazing isn't it?

Anyway my reply to Sam's recording threat was scripture......Romans 8:28......but I don't believe he knows what that scripture really means in its entirety or in part for that matter. Otherwise he would not have said such a foolish, ignorant thing.

He reminded me of the Pharisees who were riddled with jealousy, forever trying to snare Jesus with his words (for their conscience was eating them alive) but failed miserably every time, what a grub.

My wife wondered who the rude person was rambling on the phone that hour of the night or is that morning. Maybe Sam's wife and his groupies don't talk to him or can't talk to him and he's lonely or his conscience won't permit him to gain slumber........who knows, whatever. One thing is for sure, he is a very pushy lad for a novice and is digging a pit for himself with his own

All things whether good or evil are working for (turned around for) me, they are all my employees for my personal benefit and God's Glory because I am one of a remnant who loves/obeys the Christ....ref/Romans 8:28.

So what's the moral of this letter written here?...."Stay well clear of peoples who compromise the Word of God, teach false doctrine and threaten you, while at the same time call themselves christian, even church elders claiming to proclaim the pure Word of God and reckon they don't compromise".

It's a bit like those who believe in the non-biblical.........'Church and State Affiliation' theory ......with christians and churched leaders alike getting tied up with the 'affairs of this world' which Messiah said to stay clear of, much rather contending for the faith/doctrine as we should be as disciples of the Christ..... ref/2 Timothy 2:4, Jude:3.

Blind freddy could see what the story with Street Church Adelaide is, just by the email......ref/2 Timothy 2:4,5.

From what I have heard and seen of this mob they are nothing but power hungry-attention seekers, yes, it's all about them at the end of the day. As Jesus said, many false ones will come in the latter days drawing peoples after themselves.

Could you honestly imagine for one minute Jesus the lowly Nazarene or St Paul running for the Damascan Elections as the 'can do man'......or Bob the Builder? many so called christians do

Running from place to place seeking peoples acceptance, favour and support. Kind of reminds me of that Martin Luther King/Jr. bloke, who was called a preacher of the Christ but really was only a 'Freedom Fighter' and a Civil Rights campaigner for his race/ alive, what are the churches of men and women coming to, a dead end I say, an eternally dead end.

How many have truly been separated and appointed by God to the proclamation of His Word Alone?...... ref/Jude 3.

Pastor: Paul Sheehan
JTCM-Mission, Australia........

29th April 2011

Postscript.......COMPROMISERS AND AFFILIATIONS.......I have repeatedly said in my critiques over the years that churches, ministers and ministries of all varieties will compromise their connection-standards for the sake of pride, ego, acceptance and the occasional treat and fringe benefit in the last days and this will play a huge role in identifying who they really are under their religious mask. Sam and Caleb Corneloup / Adelaide - Street Church have affiliation with a self- professed prophet (and Sam says he is not sure if he is a prophet or not) from Mt. Tamborine in Qld.........who's name is Bev Kluver and this bloke is yet another of the growing mass that say they are no-compromise-pure word, faithfuls of Jesus Christ. But look who the self-professed prophet associates himself with, promotes and honors as true ministers of Christ on his web site. Is this bloke desperate or what?...No true prophet ever looked out for affiliation, association or the acceptance of humans.

Kluver went as far to say that God Commanded him to exalt the following churched peoples, (they apparently accept him). Surely a true prophet would know/discern compromise and the difference between error and truth........Kluver's Honor List consists of........

* Sam and Caleb Corneloup/Church - Adelaide, SA...Who say, Calvinism is not damnable and promote the teachings of Dave Wilkerson/deceased and Carter Conlon/Times Square Church,

* Tony and Pamela Dean/Moriah Ministries Australia........Promote Charles Spurgeon.....A Salvation by Election teacher/Once Saved Always

* Pastor: Bob Cotton/CLC Maitland NSW....Bob boasts of the false prophet Danny Nalliah/Catch the Fire Ministries, who boasts of Dave Wilkerson/deceased as a man of the

* Pastor: Andrew Craig/Baptist - Church 4 U/ Adelaide, SA.....Believes in Once Saved Always

* Pastor: Brett Ogilvie/AOG Logan Village, Qld....majors in Fund-Raising, has connections with and is supported by Alpha Course-false doctrine, originally Anglican, RC's warm to it too among many other denominations, a real ecumenical course.

* Pastor: Noe Galzote/Philippines.....Christian Life Churches International.....who is connected with Christian Life Centres in Australia.....CLC Gatton, Mt. Tambourine Community Church, Kingaroy CLC, Toowoomba CLC and many more.....End of list.

Bevan's Honor List mysteriously disappeared from Mr. Kluver's (the prophets?) web site immediately after JTCM publicized this article on the 18.5.2011. However, we did scan a copy of 'Bevan's Honor List and the full article/Keep on Running' as a memorial, prior to its mysterious disappearance and then reappearance. How could a true prophet of God have association with the likes of this lukewarm-Honor List. It would be guilty by association wouldn't it or just plain desperation for association. Isn't partiality sin?......Kluver slams the absolute predestination teachers and then Honors them with the same mouth. What? And let me add that a true prophet 'does have honor' but not in his own country, as you can see and as infallible scripture says.

Christian Life Churches International are officially accepted and recognised by the Australian Government and subscribe to Christmas Seasons and Drama performances in their churches, this alone is not biblical-NT.


It is also interesting to see that Pastor: David Patch of 'Brisbane Outreach Church' is also part and parcel with Christian Life Churches

It's a mixed bag isn't is always wise to check out the real identity of those who you are about to get saddled up with, least you end up deceived, riding off into the sunset (darkness) with liars, even self-deceived in these Ecumenical Days we now live in. Beware least any man or woman deceive you. What fellowship has devils with saints???

The One-World Church is recruiting her spiritual-prostitutes daily and she is very cunning......Beware!
(Amos 3:3....2 Corinthians 6:11-18).

Note: (all of Sam's email communications have been kept for verification)

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