Mr. Danny Nalliah (false proclaimer) sends out.....................SOS.

What's going on?.............dreams and visions that never come true and before we know it Mr. Danny has taken yet another nose dive into the religious sands of Australia.......The Great South Land of Paganism .....Loose lips sink

Mr. Nalliah's latest dream which was concocted while in Canberra on the 27.8.2010 about Miss Julia Gillard (PM) has turned to seed, yes, the wheels have fallen off the entire contraption. Daniel apparently reckons he heard God say (a voice anyway) he heard the words..."It is Finished" .......hence PM Gillard must stand down as PM, But what do the final Election Results say?....they say Daniel Nalliah is telling pork-pies/lies again. My God - Jesus the Christ confirms the words of his messengers.

I reckon Mr. Nalliah is finished, well and truly, at least with honest peoples and people who follow the Christ. If we were living in old testament times he would have been stoned to death, for falsity long ago. He has had a fair enough bash at this prophecy stuff don't you think and he would be best to leave it alone. Maybe he might be good at doing a real good Indian-Curry or something but Dan, leave the prophesying to those who have the gift and the true prophets. I intend to pray for Daniel and his fan club as Father leads and when that is only Father knows.

As per usual..........if Mr. Nalliah's prophetic-dream was true, it would have come to pass and he would not need to go into damage control rallying for helpers, hoping to somehow turn his frog into a prince, with a kiss from 'Princess Christendom'. But no, that sickly feeling in the stomach has once again come to the belly of Daniel, as it did in the final tally of the 2007 election. And again he knows, he has exposed himself internationally to be a fake, yes, just another dud, from the Pentecostal world, when it comes to being a prophet, because he is not a prophet of God-Jesus the Christ. And to think that Mr. Nalliah credentials people for church work, yes, sent but not sent of God-Jesus the Christ, the great Commissioner

He may be a prophet for Christendom/The Ecumenical Club and the One-World Churched Peoples but he is no prophet of Yahweh. For Yahweh's prophets speak and their words come to pass without any help of any man, woman or prayer club, no fasting needed either.

So what if Mr. Abbott became PM, what would we have then?.......we would then have a member of the 'Harlot Church' running the country. Yes, Mr. Abbott is a sold out member of the Roman Catholic Church and pledges allegiance to the Pope, head of that

Is Mr. Abbott really any better than the Baptist come Atheist - Miss Julia Gillard. Whatever way you go, it's ungodly and neither one have the knowledge of the doctrine of the Christ.

So let us go on and contend for what the Christ called his saints to contend for, not elections, abortion, race differences or gay rights, no, let us as disciples of the Christ 'Contend Earnestly for the Faith/the Doctrine of the Christ' and all other things will fall into place, their rightful place, for we reap what we sow and ask and you will be given, seek and you will find and if you knock the door will open.

And how shall they know the right/righteous Way unless the preacher preach of 'The Faith'. And don't forget, only few find the narrow-gate which leads to life-eternal, for only few are looking for the narrow-gate. All the rest either have a wayside, stony or thorny heart, by no means noble, honest or of any good to plant the quality seed of Christ's Doctrine in.

Don't let the devil fool you, the problem is not with the seed or the sower, the problem is with the heart of the listener or reader and the one who refuses to listen or hear and let me also say, it is their problem and a very big one indeed, eternal even.......ref/Luke 8:4-8, 2 Thessalonians 1:8,

Six of one and half a dozen of the other.
'fight the good fight, the good fight is the scripture based one, all the rest are in vain'.

Pastor: Paul Sheehan
Jesus the Christ Ministries - Mission, Philippines

3rd September, 2010 is the 9th September 2010 and already we are hearing excuses and apologies from Mr. Nalliah the so called prophet/watchman, about his latest dream-voice, that was not from God, regarding the election of PM Gillard for Australia......'The Great South Land of Paganism'. And of course his faithful fan club is saying "sometimes we make 'big mistakes' and, we love you anyway Danny"....(even though you lied and used God's Name into the bargain). This is Pentecostalism in full view once again, all froth and bubble. I wonder if Daniel has a certificate/business card to say he is a prophet, endorsed by men and women of course, as you can see. Yes, multitudes are willing to be faithful to and backup men and women all the way to hell-fire eternal but how many are faithful/loyal to Jesus the Christ?......and many will come and claim the Christ as their lord but what will he say?....ref/Matthew 19:28-30, Matthew