By Pastor Paul Sheehan, 4th December 2009
Tony has been in the spotlight lately after Mr. Turnbull got the flick from his seat by his faithful colleagues, like rats deserting the sinking ship. But he still had the guts to stand his ground, which is more than what can be said for most parliament and churches today when put to the test. Most choose to be the puppet rather than be rejected, demoted or frowned upon, don't they? Men and women alike have had that sickness for ages now...fear of being was first introduced to humanity by a pastoress called Eve when she put the fruit in Adam's (alias Ahab) face and said......Well!!!!!!!!!!!..ref/Genesis

As for Mr. Abbott, this man has shown all people with a brain that he really doesn't have the goods but he sure does have a handle on compromise and word play and he is after all a Roman Catholic at heart and a friend of the Dalai Lama. A 'Secret' ballot says a lot for Malcolm Turnbull also, I guess that's politics........Hey True Blue???????????

Mr. Lama, the one Tony and myriads of others (ecumenical churches included) call 'Your Holiness' is happy to be in fellowship with Tony and Tony with Mr. Lama. To be a friend of the Dalai and to receive his ok/nod, and to  be a staunch Roman Catholic and a member of Parliament on top of it, is really the catch of the day and warranting a happy hour at any (pigs swill) pub. You could say all Tony's Chris - Messes have come at once. Tony says that Mr. Lama gave him a new-found peace and compassion. But doesn't Tony claim to be a Christian, therefore he should already have peace that surpasses all, all understanding even Dalai/Buddhist Understanding......Obviously just another put down for that Jesus that just can't cut it and fill the gaps in human beings. But along comes the Dalai and gives Tony the Christian Roman Catholic - Liberated Government Leader a pennycostal/buddhist impartation of new-found peace and compassion. It boggles the mind.....ref/....Isaiah

The Ecumenical Churches are exceedingly glad that Tony now resides as king over the 'Liberated - Ones' but always keep in mind, Tony is a staunch Roman Catholic before he is anything else and this means his allegiance to The Pope/His Holiness. And if not he is not true to his faith-Roman Catholic Dogma, leaving him a hypocrite. So who is HIS holy one....Mr. Lama or Ben????? It certainly ain't Jesus the Christ...the only way the only truth and the only life. Just to think, if Peter Costello would have stayed on it could have been......The Abbott and Costello

Mr. Abbott like and unlike Tiger Woods is no role model-mentor that's for sure, not one that the Christ Jesus would uphold anyway. I did say in my (DVD) message The Father Figure/15.11.2009 (which is on site now) Tiger Woods was no mentor and this was way before his sin-life exploded on  the screen. But the beauty is, Tiger, Tony and the Dalai can repent (along with all the ecumenical churches) turn to Jesus and then study the oracles of the only wise God/Jesus the Christ, walk in, do them and be approved of by God/Jesus (not the Pope, Dalai Lama or the World) and be saved to the uttermost if they remain obedient up to the light/knowledge they have of scripture, the same goes for all sinners I