(it's all your fault Christian, Janette, John)

Election 2007 has become a complete joke nation-wide, with a fresh revelation (excuse) recently revealed that there is now other reasons or obstacles why Peter Costello (who likes Holden) did not take the PM position.

There is obviously more to it than John liking Ford and Peter liking Holden, it has now apparently spilt over onto the head of Janette Howard.

It was said that it is written in Mr. Costello's Memoirs that Peter attacks John Winston and calls him a failure as a leader due to his dishonest dealings with Peter who likes Holdens.

In summary, the 2007 election regarding Costello went like this.....First it was said that Costello was going to reign as PM by a false church leader/Danny Nalliah then because that didn't pan out as wished the AOG Danny dumped the failure of Costello's election on 'Christians' nation-wide.

Since then there has been many weird and wonderful (not) things said in order to pamper Pete. The latest cat that has escaped from the Parliamentary Bag is............Janette Howard was the stumbling block for Pete. And or John who likes Ford is the failure not Peter who likes Holden. ( I could have won it......but). 

All I can see is arrogance, pride and lies and the worst being that Peter Costello has not 'forgiven' John Winston Howard for his apparent dishonesty but then again has John 'repented' asking Peter for forgiveness of the alleged crime. Maybe it was an unwitting act of John?.....hardly.......Colossians 3:13.....Selah.

So the buck was passed from 'professing christians' to Janette Howard then to John's failure to be a proper leader and only God knows what the next excuse will be and what shall be found lurking in the depths of Peter's 'Faithful' Memoirs.

It's not nice to lose but all losers reap the wonderful blessing of being humbled and experiencing humility. So what was the reason why Peter  was not elected PM????...God Almighty/Jesus the Christ never (ordained) allowed it to be for his sovereign purpose.......click.

● Pastor Paul Sheehan
1 Peter 5:5


P.S.....Mrs. Costello reckons that Peter should have listened to her for Peter thinks 'the best' of people unlike herself but do Pete's Memoirs portray 'best thoughts' and the long haired angel that he likes to (humbly) see himself as.

Even if Peter did listen to his wife he still wouldn't be PM but one thing is for certain, Adam listened to his wife Eve.
"Honesty, Truth and Humility with Jesus as Preeminent"