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It was just after dinner one night during the week some time back and we received a call from the Police. This officer asked if I was PS and I replied yes and he began to tell me that he was at a house held under control by a young man who had his family held at knife point.

The area was Nambour/Queensland and apparently this young man was holding his family at knife point and the police were running out of words, patience and ideas.

It was then that I received the call. This young man attended our church  for a season and we had not seen or heard from him for a long time (at least until we got this call).

He got on the phone and was very hyped, nervy and feeling highly misunderstood, so I as usual let holy ghost lead and he led in his usual way......quick, slow slow, quick, slow slow.

Yes, it was the holy ghost waltz.....therefore my beloved brethren, let every man and woman be swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to be angry/wrath........James 1:19...selah!

After doing a whole lot of listening, I spoke to this young man and the outcome was that he surrendered to police and steps were taken for ongoing counsel......Luke 4:18

After looking back over the situation I have come to see more clearer than ever before that....the word of God/Yah never returns void. This young man knew (remembered) he had a friend in that preacher who preached fire and brimstone every Sunday. Neat hey?.......Isaiah 55:11.

Everyone was up against the wall, there were many churches and leaders in that area but Father had them call the one who was outside the religious gate. Did you know Jesus is waiting for you to call him.....he wants to help you and the churches of christendom but we must call him, we must want

Repent means to forsake, abandon, disown your sin.
   Pastor Paul Sheehan
   Hebrews 13:13


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