Money Too Tight To Mention
(the God called money has many converts)
● Let me set the stage and props for

In the red (deficit) corner we have a former pastor of Reach Out For Christ/Gold Coast penny-costal church religion, a man who was bankrupt, Mr. Alan Davenport, sole director of a suspected fraudulent business 'World Trade Systems', a company that tells the public and church goers alike that 100% money back returns are definites but aren't.

And in the blue (sad) corner we have a professing christian wife, Ms. Le Franc, who left Mr. Davenport without a second thought. The online scheme was a 'betting' arrangement apparently. What am I saying?

What I just said was taken from the Sunday Mail/1.3.2009 but what I am about to say is a little closer to home. One of our congregation at JTCM used to be a member of Reach Out For Christ/Everton Park the church now goes under the name of 'Brisbane Outreach Church' headed up by a Pastor David Patch and she received a letter from ROFC alias BOC only the other day and it read......
"Dear Sue, thanks for your letter it would have been better if you sent us a cheque"......God Bless, Pastor David Patch (unsigned) on letterhead sheet/Brisbane Outreach Church Limited....typed/20.2.2009, received by sister Sue Keeley/2.3.2009.
The letter sister Sue sent to BOC was about the word of God,, salvation and holiness, as you read BOC Ltd preferred a cheque...$$$ Mmmmmm!

Talk about the year of 'Identification/2009' the rotten seed will always produce a rotten crop if any crop at all. This is why the seed/doctrine must be bonafide doctrine of the Christ not any other seed. Peoples must come by the true door lest they be raised to rebel against all wise/Christly (full) Counsel/

Covetousness, greed, lies, violence, plagiarism and deceptive doctrine are not what we receive when we make Jesus the Christ Preeminent in our lives.

Honesty, Truth and Humility!
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Luke 17:10

P.S. How coincidental (maybe even prophetic) that sister Sue received a letter from BOC/Alias ROFC Everton Park on the 2.3.2009 and the Sunday Mail exposes ROFC Gold Coast former pastor and his faithful wife who is now referred to as Miss Le Franc on the 1.3.2009. The God called money has many converts....give me, give me!

● When sister Sue came to our church nearly 6 years ago I said to her then, "so you used to fellowship at 'Reach Out For Your Wallet', she said yeah.