The lying tongue, deception,  trickery, jealousy and dishonesty is surely the done thing and the accepted thing in the churches, cathedrals and religious - denominations today not excluding society at large.....ref/Micah 7:1-7...........(in latin/statu quo..........meaning, the current or existing state things are in)

I had the sad dishonour of meeting a professing Christian called Aaron recently who claimed that we should not judge within the house of God and proudly proclaims that he is a fan of Ben Hinn and that Ben is a man of God. He arrived at this place partly by observing all the monies of Hinn and all his gullible fans. This could hardly be a reliable judgment-discernment on any persons validity, especially when it comes to religion....ref/Mormons, Roman Catholics, Uniting Churches, Anglicans, Muslims and

Aaron and his wife Sharon are of Indian extraction and his dear wife is in just as sad and bad position as Aaron, yes, she is being hood winked by yet another religious - crook....Mrs. Joyce Meyer, Sharon proudly announces that she is a partner with Joyce and ardently defends the woman's

Aaron also defends and supports Mr. John Hagee (another product of the Assemblies of God....USA) a close friend of Hinn's and says that it is OK for the selling of the Word of God (as Hinn, Hagee and myriads of others do) and even reckons that if a minister receives offerings - donations, he also is selling - peddling the Word of God......ref/2 Corinthians

This is what happens to the mind of peoples when they get tied up with religious-crooks, they begin to fudge everything until they get to the place where there is no real truth or boundaries......kind of a 'Pilate-belief-Virus' takes over with the "What is Truth anyway"? happening, like

When I first met Aaron he was very chummy and gladly received the teachings, writings of JTCM-Mission but once the truth started to sink in a little he got rather aggravated and defensive, that is when he brought his wife along for a little moral support, like a kind of minder thing I

She then wanted to know my opinion on Mrs. Meyer and I simply said eye to eye, that Joyce was a Jezebel, meaning.....Mrs. Meyer left her husband Dave in the background, it is her name on the ministry and she calls the shots and blind Freddy could see that Dave is a good boy for mumma Joyce. But the reality is, he is really the mechanics of her 'religious-business success' and without him she would still be washing dishes at home and paying rent like her followers. Buying and selling are the basic principles of the world....ref/Colossians 2:8...Selah.

I also said that Joyce was a woman who claims to be a prophetess and is not and that she is a false teacher and a lover of monies and luxury. No, it's not for a woman to teach a man but there are multitudes of emasculated-males out there today that accept otherwise in order to keep the superficial - peace in the sin ridden marriages of religious-denominational homes

So my time with Aaron and Sharon was brief and a little sad for they have refused the messianic 'love that is found embedded in the truth' and are now true candidates for the 'strong delusion' gift of the Almighty God.....Jesus the Christ, given that they are obviously already deluded. All initiated by them wanting their own will and way and not Father's........ref/2 Thessalonians 2:10-12, John 7:17....Selah.

Initially I asked Aaron and Sharon for their email address and they were very sheepish about this and stumbled over each other in the giving, even the elderly daughter was there looking very "what?"..."what have I done"....when I turned to ask for her confirmation on the email address. Stumbling when dad/Aaron asked her for the confirmation of the address, as if he didn't know, Mum played the silent card, with a smile of course, she definitely listens to Mrs. Meyer. It was embarrassing but yet again a true display of the produce of such churched leaders as Hinn and Meyer, yes, this is the character of the people they grow and breed in these buildings called churches. Pentecostal, Evangelical and Roman Catholic alike....I have seen it time and time again, over the past 23 years....dishonest and deceitful, couldn't lie straight in bed.

By no means faithful or true to the Christ.

Anyway, the email address was a brumby and don't forget they gave it with a smile, well,, kind of a smile, well, it looked like a smile, sort of. Maybe I'm just hoping that I found something nice in the midst of the whole grubby event.

My last encounter with Aaron the Pentecostal Indian was yesterday and I offered him some more literature and he was not willing to receive it.

But when I asked him about the email address he said he had no real knowledge of his (own) email address and that was a thing for his wife, so where does that put his wife and daughter for that matter, who was there when I double and triple checked the address with's a rough road.

Aaron got very aggravated when I addressed his dishonesty and unwillingness to accept or even read the truth. To the point where he went to thump me, at least motioned this by aggressively moving toward me but suddenly pulled back with the quivering hands and I missed the blessing.

Yes, Father is doing a wonderful work - operation on this man's character, isn't God good, yes, all the time. whether it be his judgment of flood, famine, pestilence or doctrine.....God is good!....ref/Revelation

So Aaron the Indian Pentecostal like Danny Nalliah the Indian Pentecostal has trouble admitting the truth, speaking the truth and receiving the truth, which will prove to be a great down fall on the day of judgment. Will it be ....'down down...deeper and down'....into the pit of eternal-fire or will they repent, accept (walk in) the truth and be saved. Repentance and forgiveness must be preached to every nationality even the Indians - Sri Lankans

Wow, it's getting muddy and sin does, the more and the more we refuse to repent it simply gets worse and worse and worse.....just ask West End, Toowoomba, Queensland, Brisbane, Japan and New Zealand. Yes, God's judgement has only just begun, no, it's not Mother Nature with diarrhea as the fool has said in his and her heart, it is the judgement of the

You could say.....'Down Down, Deeper and Down', into the pit of hell fire eventually...the liar nor the deceitful will enter the Kingdom says the king of the Kingdom....Jesus the Christ.

While on our recent 12 month crusade come church planting journey in the Philippines I met some Indian-Pentecostal Churched peoples there. They were well known business peoples in Bacolod City and attended a 'hyper-faith - Pentecostal prosperity church' called.......EKTOS - (free Christian church) when it suited them.

EKTOS is a Hillsong type church, a church of the Second Command, the First Command is Second and the Second is First, this is where the money is and the peoples love it so but what will they do in the end? Do you want to fill your church building?.......simply give the peoples the 'Ecumenical Testament Commands'....Where Jesus rides in the second chariot, if anywhere.

And the husband was happy to say to me always, Jesus is Lord!....and God is Love!......while at the same time gambling like Kenny Rogers and frequently attending to his varied mistresses much to the wife's sadness and knowledge.

This man and his wife also believed that if Jesus was to return for his church he would be saved (SAVED BY GRACE I GUESS) and accepted by the Christ.

This man's brother was also a businessman with mistresses, I'm not sure about the gambling bit though, as happy as Larry with a thriving

Many would say it's God's blessing on them, Jesus is Lord, God is Love....Don't Judge! What do you reckon???.....EKTOS......'free' Christian church?.......that collects big bucks $$$


29th March 2011

PS....We are hoping that these ones will not stay down and go deeper and down but repent of their sins and be lifted up, out of their sins, saved by 'grace-God's power' through faith in the faith-doctrine of the Christ via true-repentance and then walking on, this time in the truth of the unadulterated word/doctrine of the Christ not faithlessly peddling-selling the Word and not lying or being deceitful this time, their love being without hypocrisy.....ref/Luke 24:47, 1 Peter 1:5, Ephesians 2:8.

PPS.......No, we didn't get the idea of 'Down Down' from Coles or Woolworths the stale food peoples advertising of price cuts. We were using the Status Quo song - quote back in 2009 and we have it captured for proof on a DVD teaching-message about Sin dragging peoples 'down down....deeper and down'....hand signal and all, maybe they got it from our DVD, when we played it on our web There are certainly swags of plagiars out there nowadays, inside the churches and outside, all calling themselves Honest John of course.............glory!!!! the Lamb of God who came specifically to take away, remove once and for all the sins of the peoples of the world who would repent........Amen.