This report is brought to you in, by and through Holy Ghost working via the earthen vessel Pastor Paul Sheehan of JTCM Australia.......

This report is not only of local, national and international (soul saving) interest but guaranteed to line up with the words of Mashiah/Jesus the Christ, God.

  • Churches Worldwide are gathering beautifully in accord with the One-World Church/The Apostate Church prophecy of the Christ.
  • Church leaders worldwide are resisting the Spirit of Yahweh like never before.
  • Church attendance is up with world fashion and holiness is at an all time low.
  • Church goers are finding out that good deeds and success are the way to go and anything goes just don't step on the toes of the flavours of the month.
  • Churches are taught to ignore the truth and it will go away eventually, they hope, well he

In a short summary the spiritual news and weather for  2016 forth is actually worse (as in the days of the prophet Noah) than it was in Jesus days...."few are finding the narrow gate and many are running to the wide-broad-way of sin and religions (fables) of men and women which lead to eternal-hell fire"....Matthew 7:13, 14....Selah.

If there be any changes in the 'world's spiritual weather' or any news worth hearing we shall be diligent to advise all asap.

  • News reader/Journalist (spiritual)
    St. Pablo of Brisbane

...there are still 7,000 (a remnant) who don't follow the world or the ECM/One World Church.