● Artwork by Sister Juliet Wilson, wife of Brother Donald Wilson
 son of  Pastor William Wilson/deceased......Artwork: 2002


Luke 17:10
(Yahweh says (scriptually) repent of your sins 'first' then pray for rain)
It was Tuesday morning in April 2007 when I woke up from my nights sleep, around 6.30am, my husband had already been on the street for one hour at this time in the day preaching 'repentance and forgiveness' for all sinners who are willing to acknowledge their sin and depart from it......Luke 24:47....click

I had a dream the night before and it was still fresh in my mind, so I decided to share it with the children.....Shadrach and Hannah.

This is that dream....

I was standing on a plain, it was vast, my son Shadrach was a small distance in front of me and there was someone else standing near by me, that one I could not identify....

All of a sudden a horse came out of the heavens it was brown in colour and fiercely mighty in its presentation. It was as if this horse was accompanied by lightning's, this horse was breathtaking in appearance, with such majestic strength oozing from its being......

 This horse came mightily to my son/Shadrach, I was afraid for Shadrach thinking that he might be very frightened but he wasn't. I called out to the horse 'hey, over here'!!!!....to lead it away from Shadrach but it rubbed its face along side Shadrach's face and befriended him, it was a tremendous sight, so beautiful and powerful was this horse, words can not explain fully.....

The only voice in this dream was a standard voice of a man saying......"Back to the Roots"....this I heard while the horse and Shadrach stood beside me......Isaiah 11:1-5.

The dream passed on and my memory faded. Without my asking, Shadrach said to me "Mum, do you know what that dream means"?....I said no I don't......And Shadrach said, "I am the one to take over my dad's message, I am chosen by God to do this".

Shadrach said to his dad the day before, "Dad, do you know that you're different to every other dad in my class, you're a preacher and I have different taste in toys to all my class mates, neat hey"?

● His dad's reply to that was "Son, always be yourself in the Christ, you can be nothing greater".....

Praise God/Jesus the Christ!
Mrs. J M Sheehan
1 Corinthians 13:12
● 17.4.2007
● Penned/1.30PM

PS.....The words, "back to the roots" obviously speak about the root message of the christian walk, repentance and forgiveness and unless the people of Australia (churched and unchurched) sincerely repent of their sin the roots in the ground of this sun-burnt-land will also be without water, this is how severe it will get.........click.

It is also important to understand that at the end of the day JTCM trusts and relies fully on the doctrine, words of Mashiah/Yahweh, as their final and ultimate guide......Job 19:28.

Surely if we all return to the roots of our being, Yahweh, we shall all not only be nourished spiritually but we shall have our entire life watered, spirit, soul, body and land. I know that this was and is the case for me and my house......Jeremiah 4:1-4, 2 Chronicles 7:14, 15, Ecclesiastes 12:1

The horse in the dream was specifically 'brown' (depicting mortification) and it was described by my wife as supernatural and powerfully beautiful. This illustrates the wages (holy ghost power) given to all who humble themselves, repenting of their sins and denying themselves of sin daily, taking up their cross and following after the Christ in his footsteps. Ultimately making way for the most powerful life there is to be had, the supernatural life (led by holy ghost) and most beautiful may I add....a life of holiness......Hebrews 12:10.

If brother Shadrach is to take the 'baton' of the specific call of JTCM (as a prophet) I am more than sure that Father will meet the call beautifully as he has done with his dad. And it will be evident to all who (without jealousy, resentment and partiality) possess a clean heart. Your will Father not mine...click.......1 Thessalonians 5:24, 1Kings 19:20......click.

(postscript by Pastor Sheehan)

Note: The true message of the Christ is no doubt all of this....powerful, humbling, fulfilling, superbly - supernatural, eternally (saving) rewarding, starting and ending in holiness/walking in the light of Father (up to the light we have)......1 Peter 5:10,11, James 1:17, 18....selah.....click