"The Man With No Bag"
(who was he?)
December 18/1996 I received a phone call from my husband in Australia. I was in (Bacolod) the Philippines at the time. Paul told me to get the monies out of the bank and to book my ticket to Manila for my visa was waiting for me at the Australian Embassy in Manila.

So I did and the flight that I managed to get to Manila was the last available from Bacolod City to Manila. I was at the airport in Manila around 7.00pm, I was not familiar with Manila City at all.

On moving outside the airport in Manila I found that there were no taxis available and time was moving on as I waited in the dark. Then a taxi came down the road and stopped. The driver asked me where I was going so I told him the area but he was not willing to take me there for some reason. I was beginning to get a little panicky at this stage, being on my own in a strange city.

Out of nowhere (so to speak) came this man who was very well dressed but he wasn't carry a bag or luggage. He had a Filipino appearance and he spoke as if he would be well educated. The taxi driver turned to this man standing beside me and said "where are you going sir"?.....and this man unknown to me said......."this woman first"......the taxi driver said........"no, I will not take her."

So the man with no bag, well dressed and well spoken who was unknown to me, opened the back door of the taxi and said to me......"get in".....so I got in the back and he got in the front and the taxi driver was not happy for some reason. Who knows, maybe he, (the taxi driver) was of an anti-christ type spirit........ ...Matthew 9:9.

This taxi driver refused to move and then the man with no bag said...."you had better get moving, go on now, go, you are to give her a lift".

The taxi driver still did not move and then the man with no bag, well dressed and well spoken who was unknown to me said, this time in a much stronger tone of voice......."you do not know who you are talking to".

So the unknown man stayed with me and escorted me in the taxi to my destination, then went his way. I stayed overnight till my next flight to Australia where God had called me to be my husband's helper, thanks be unto God/Jesus the Christ.........Genesis 2:18.

I sometimes think that I am the most blessed woman in the world but don't we all once we get in contact with Jesus the Christ. The children and I really love helping (my husband) Paul in his call in turn Jesus fills us with his joy, peace and love, binding us together with cords that can not be broken. Glory to you Jesus!....  ....Isaiah 33:20-22.
This wonderful story of protection, provision and guidance came up in conversation with one of the brethren recently and we believe that Father would have us share this with the world as a spark of encouragement for all. A real psalm twenty three testimony. We/JTCM hope that all readers do have an adventurous year in 2007........."not by might or power but by holy spirit".
  • Wife of a preacher
    Mrs. Juvy M Sheehan

    Note: today is my tenth year in Australia, stay tuned for the sequel of "The Man With No Bag", the best is yet to come. The sequel involves getting the visa the next day, 19.12.96. Matthew 18:1-5