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Little Lady, little Boat, little Captain

little in the masters hand is much

(Mark 4:36)

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The time I met my husband I will never forget and never want to forget. The day, the year and the time is clear in my mind.......Feb/10/1996, six in the evening on a Saturday.

Before that day I was in a real deep depression and loneliness (I was lost) on a wide religious road to hell fire and only God Himself knows how bad it really was back then........Luke 4:18.

Although I was only religious at the time (Roman Catholic) I still knelt down before God and begged, asking him to give me a sign even a dream maybe and he did......a glimpse of hope to grab hold of....click.

In this dream there was a boat that came from Australia, I asked myself, how come the boat landed in this place (the place in my dream) for there is no ocean here and this is a highway anyway?................ ..1 Corinthians 13:9, Matthew 22:9.

I looked to the boat stranded, the boat was surrounded by people and the people were lying on the ground covered in mud.

I looked to the sky and asked God,' Lord God, this people need to wash, give rain to them Lord, so that they will be clean'.

I saw in my dream as clear as day itself, the sky being opened and the Lord giving rain, not to them but to me. I could not understand my dream that night. I did not get the message (revelation) till I walked with Him, read his word and did it......click.

The next morning I am very happy, I told my mum about the dream that the Lord showed me a miracle that the sky was opened and the Lord gave rain to me. All she said was......really, that's a good dream..............Psalm 30:5, Isaiah 53:1.

It was two days later that my dream came to pass. One Saturday afternoon I visited a friend and on the way home I decided to pass by the place where my dream was, and I said to myself.....'this is the place that the Lord showed me in my dream, about the boat that came from Australia and the sky opened and gave rain to me but not to the other people'........Luke 4:24-27.........selah.

While I was walking down the road I saw Paul crossing the road and I laughed to myself because (being a white-man) he reminded me of my fiancee from Germany, he was the assistant of the Mayor of Laubach when I knew him but he died and we did not marry.

I thought to myself, not again. Suddenly coming toward me was my best friend since I was a child, he is a Geodetic Engineer. He stopped and talked to me for about five minutes and there was Paul again walking towards us. Paul stopped and asked my friend and I if we knew of any place where he could eat good food, for he was only living in the district a day or so.

He then asked if we had already eaten, my friend had but not I, for I was on my way home. My friend showed Paul where he could eat and as we walked along Paul was talking about God, Jesus Christ, I thought to myself, 'who is this man?'..........Luke 24:46, 47.

He then asked my friend and I if we would like to meet Jesus personally, I responded very quickly.....'yes!.....I do, I want to!..........click.

I thought to myself I am going to meet Jesus in person, suddenly he said, give me your hand and pray together with me and ask forgiveness for your sins to the Lord Jesus. My friend felt embarrassed because that was a public place and people were watching everywhere. But I said to my friend, it's alright, just follow and do what he says and ignore the people. So Paul prayed with us, it was heavenly.....Psalm 32:1-11.

As time went by Paul invited us back to his place where he was staying at the time. It was a "Pension House', what the white man calls a motel. The people who owned it were friends of ours, lawyers.

As soon as we got in there he gave us a book and literature about Lord Jesus and then invited us to attend a gospel service the next morning which was a Sunday.........Revelation 22:17....selah.

That morning as I was dressing to go to church it began to rain and I started to consider the rain so I asked my mum what she thought and she suggested to ring Paul from my auntie's phone and tell him that I was unable to make it. So I did and Paul wanted to know why I was not going but I did not tell him.

I just said I will not be there. The reason being I had no money for the fare, the transport, seeing it was raining. Paul still wanted to know why, so I said OK, I will try my best to get there. So what I did was I prayed for the rain to stop and if the rain stopped I was well and truly meant to go. And the rain stopped.

So I walked as fast as I could to get to the place where Paul was and we left for the church. We got to the church and the service started, singing and rejoicing and I said to myself, what's going on here?....(remember I only knew the religion of men RCC).

These people were jumping up and down, singing and really getting excited about God and I thought that maybe these people are a bit funny in the head?.....1 Peter 2:9.....(peculiar people).

Toward the end of the service I began to understand and after the service Paul introduced me to some of the members. Paul then asked me to go to lunch, I was not quick to respond then one woman there said to me in my language.....'he is a good man'......there are so many of us here waiting for him to approach us to go out with him but no, only you he has invited, so go with him, that one is from the Lord.

I could go on with every little detail till the day we married and up to today but I have no leading but this is what I want to say to finish with........

The blessing of Paul coming into my life that day, year and hour was not just for me but for many. My family and relatives came to Christ, friends and foe also came to know Christ, blessings of provision, healing and eternal life, all because of Pablo leaving his comfortable life in Australia and not giving a donation to the poor but marrying the poor.

If you are genuine and cry out to God for help he will hear you and he will send someone for you no matter where you are in this world of darkness. Jesus is not deaf, blind or mute, he is God Almighty.




Be of good cheer, Jesus has already overcome.
Mrs Juvy M Sheehan
John 16:33

May 2005


Allow me to add that I can not count the many times that God has used my husband to bless so many people throughout the world in the short time that I have known him......1 Corinthians 4:1.......click.