(I am Woman)
Ecclesiastes 7:28


While preaching on the street in Brisbane CBD the other week a woman came along and endeavoured to teach me the holy bible or at least what she thought was the holy bible and it was no doubt the 'ecumenical-gospel according to mum'.......click.

There happened to be another woman sitting close by who was listening in very intently as this 'christian' woman who called herself Jeanette lashed me with her tongue and gave me the rounds of the footpath you could say and she even appeared to be rather proud of herself. Maybe she was, walking in authority in Christ as the penny-costal women are taught....click.
Jeanette is a 23 year veteran of the well known AOG/Garden City Christian Church, Mt  Gravatt (the now/2009 'Hillsong Church' Mt Gravatt led by Brian & Bobby Houston (alias Bonnie & Clyde of Franchise Fuhrer Businesses Inc) presently led by Mr. Bruce Hills. Bruce heads up a TV show each Sunday morn  (which started in 2008) called....'Choices' sounds a little familiar to me actually.....click here to see why.

This same woman Jeanette of Garden City Church came to me again today, this time she had with her a four page letter for me which she claims God told her to write and give to me. The complete letter smelt of a woman who wears steel cap boots.

I did find the letter a little lame seeing she did not write her full name with surname on it and was so proud of it too as she was of her denominational haunt AOG/Mt Gravatt.

Maybe she thought she would spare her husband the shame of using his name (surname) with such ramblings. My heart actually goes out to her husband for having to put up with such a boisterous woman but isn't this the norm nowadays especially in the churches?....Proverbs 9:13.

 Once again I am more sure than ever that we are in the end of the end times and that God/Yahweh would never have women teach (men the bible) or have authority over men (with the exception of Ahabs).....click.

● Here are the main points Jeanette wrote at the hand of God or so she says. I find it typically penny-costal, ecumenical thrust stuff. Ref/Romans 8:1, read slowly and fully.

● Jeanette: "Your message is disturbing and critical, God is love. Don't judge, your words are condemning and they don't bring glory to Jesus. You are just like any other cult for you proclaim exclusivity. You should be saying that you are but "a sinner saved by grace".
I hope that you begin to function in love not condemnation, for Jesus did not come to judge. Your opinion will only mean something if people respect you. You won't gain anyone's respect talking like you do.
I can not read anywhere in the bible where Jesus condemned the sinner. Are you perfect?".....
click. (abridged version-original kept).
Jeanette finished her four page letter with a full page on Easter ( Astarte the Syrian goddess) and a little tale about a man who baked bickies and stuck crosses of icing on them then gave them to the neighbours in the rabbit season. I believe it's only fair to spare you from that page.....click.

So overall, we clearly see that these churched peoples continue to study and do their courses, get their medallions, (chocolate or metal) accolades and titles but never really come to the root of the matter do they?

They never come to know the truth or acknowledge the truth - Jesus the Christ. I suppose the saddest thing was that the woman who was sitting nearby listening in, looked at me after and she shook her head and laughed when I said ......."that woman says she's a christian".

Even today, Jeanette from GCCC was talking so loud the passers by were looking over with disgust, (maybe she was 'stressed' as they say) certainly no picture of the christian woman St. Peter paints in ....1 Peter 3:4....selah.......click.

I believe it's high time 'the biblical - woman' teaching was taught in the churches and the good old strap/belt made a come-back into the home and into the hand of all dads, as Almighty God/Jesus said in the first place.... ..1 Peter 3:1-6, Proverbs 23:13, 14......selah.

Jeanette and Garden City Christian Church are keen supporters of the santy season also even though Father says "it's not by might or grand concerts".....the ways of men and women seem right but when the light shines we find out different don't we?....click.

There's no condemnation for the faithful!
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Galatians 1:10


P.S. Jeanette and her husband are in our prayers as are Garden City Church.