When Jesus died and rose again, no one can rightfully deny He fulfilled Judaism, condemned heathenism (and humanism), and outstripped every man-made or other-spirited religion - orthodox or otherwise.

Christ's was a ministry of divine grace and truth, love and hate, mercy and judgment, blessing and cursing, encouragement and reproof, unity and discord, life and death, weakness and POWER......little seen or heard today!....today hardly even being a watered down version of the real thing....the biblical blue-print.
So today, and contrary to Scripture, we steep our religious practices in Judaic-come-heathen-come medieval Romanistic carnal customs, such as Christmas (Xmas), Easter/Astarte (a Syrian goddess), 7th or 8th day 'sabbaths', or the cultural flavour of the month (in today's name of 'love', 'tolerance', 'unity', 'globalisation' come the 'universal church' revived)...
While the life, vitality and substance of a sin-saving God-honouring and holy life in Christ in the Holy Spirit is condemned out of hand; so that, true to Christ's own words, anything of His holy divine working and wording which does not aid and abet the 'flesh' and popularity, is never any more than an outlawed minority on a (the) very 'narrow road', fit only to be crucified afresh by 'believers' and put to an open shame!
Of course some flamboyant and increasingly popular versions of the 'Christian' religion (not to say US style) seek to recapture the so-called 'life and substance' with what in reality amounts to the principles of mass hysteria, emotional hypnotic hype, and 'mind over matter' 'signs and wonders' mesmerisations - show business surely at its  best!........
Though never without overwhelming emphasis on the Almighty's utter dependence on our almighty dollar! in addition to their 'gospel' material very rarely if ever being 'without money and without price' - Judas-apostolic Ministries Reincarnate!
On the other hand, others excel in the humanistic ego-building conscience-comforting look-good cover-all let-your-lefthand-know-what-your-righthand-does exercise of good works, from the streets of Calcutta to the inner city of Brisbane, supported by Red Shield sales of pagan Easter rabbits (chocolate for sure) at the exit of the Central Station etc (would you believe it?)
In the meantime moral standards decline beyond the mentionable! while 'mainstream' church assemblies and councils sanctimoniously debate whether such perversion of some of the most basic principles of decency known to man (in his right mind)....are appropriate or not!.....for pervert leaders and laity alike in such an enlightened age!...you renegade bunch of spiritual blind leaders of the blind, and all your birds of a feather who mainstream with you in your filthy garbage-bag 'gospel' propagation!
Is it any wonder that such decline of normal human behavioural (not to say biblical) standards are inevitable - given such evangelically accepted hypocritical sin-softsoaping (what in fact are) anti-gospel anti-biblical doctrines of depraved hearts and darkened minds, such as:
  • 'unconditional grace' (forgiveness without true repentance),
  • 'love/the blood covers all' (meaning unforsaken sin),
  • 'once saved can never be lost' (no one's name is blotted out of the Book of Life),
  • 'judge not' (applicable of course to hypocrites), and the 'sinner-saint status' (St Paul included! though he strenuously said the opposite)......
raising the question: Did Romanist indulgences ever have it so good?!
Add to that, 'In God we trust', punctuated by 'Bible-belt' backed authorities exporting their 'democracy' at the point of Cruise missiles!....in-between their Bible study/prayer meetings and 'born-again' self-pronouncements (Billy Graham!....style) - in biblical terms, 'bastard-born' (again)!......... a praying/preying 'wolf in sheep's clothing'.......for sure, if Jesus ever told the truth!
Others of a less militaristic nature spend much time and energy (and printed material) shadow-boxing with O T types and shadows of that which was to come........debating the nicety of which days are holy and which are not, of which debate holy Scripture emphatically declares 'it is unprofitable and vain', and such 'to be avoided'. (Titus 3:9, 2 Timothy 2:23, Romans 14:5, Galatians 4:9-11, Colossians 2:16-17 etc.)
So what of Easter? What of religion? What of Christ?
The truth is: Religion has again crucified the true Christ!...................
                  Buried Him!

By biblical standards he is entombed in the past, formalism, ceremonies, or a sentimental regurgitation of a crucifixion story and sham resurrection, in the context of heathen customs......
such a twice dead Christ awaiting real-life resurrection in your heart and mine, to take full control, and show in reality - not false-faith confession - that He is in fact Saviour, and He is Lord! (up to the light we have)........
such a resurrection being unrelated to this pagan-season-contaminated Easter nor any other robotically calculated day! knowing that 'the true worshippers (not spiritless prehistoric fossilised zombies!) worship Him in spirit and in truth!
So, let us thank God that another damnable Easter is past (for one year), and that 'this is the day which the Lord has made'......and 'today is the day of repentance from dead works and hypocrisy....... and rebirth into newness of the Spirit of truth and righteousness, peace, wholeness and joy in the Holy Ghost......
for spirit, soul and body,
all equally and fully atoned for by His vicarious death (when the devil did his worst) and resurrection (when God did His best!) so that we may boldly say:
  • 'Who (now) forgives all our iniquities, and heals all our diseases'.......
of those who dare to truly believe/receive/accept/surrender to His righteousness - not sin, His health - not sickness,
His well-being - not our undone condition!.....

our eternal welfare being the most important,
that is, the entry and continuance of our names in the
Lamb's Book of Life!

Praise be to God through our victorious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and to none other!.....

for so great a salvation.......

including, from this 'wicked, perverse and hypocritical religious generation', 'among whom we are to shine as the stars in the firmament of heaven!


Brother Donald Wilson
And may I add to brother Wilson's article regarding 'the rabbit/easter season' that on watching a certain community TV Station- Briz/31, 27.03.2005 at 2.00pm, I came across a most unusual statement from an Assemblies of God's church leader.......Dave Boske who said......(Brisbane Faith Centre)

That "Jesus Christ was sodomised by roman soldiers".....I did not know whether he was serious or not but then again he is from the AOG Camp and anything can be expected from such an establishment. Maybe he just got carried away in the flesh as he usually does?....(fast talk, music and hype is not holy ghost)

Whatever the story, it was of no honour to the Christ. I am a little confused now, I don't know who's the worst informed is, Dan Brown of the Da Vince Code or Dave Boske........(click here).

Enjoy your eggs!....while you can, the Judge is on his way.( I am not yoking/joking!)
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Galatians 1:10
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