(what peace can there be without walking in the truth of the doctrine of the Christ?)..3 John 1:4. clickpurpleback.gif (811 bytes)
  • The back slapping and the pentecostal pampering (labelled love) gets stronger by the day but what are they going to do in the end? Was the prophet Jeremiahs question.

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Sooner or later (most leave it as late as possible) we all have to tell of what we really believe truth or lies. Rod Browne told all the TV watchers on the 19.12.2004 his version, understanding, view, belief of the seven churches written about in the book of Revelation and I was not surprised that he gave the interpretation that he did seeing that he is yet another who relishes in the man made movement of pentecostalism.

I choose not to cover all of his teaching but I am sure that what I do say here in this rebuttal will be suffice for making it clear where Mr Browne actually does stand in regards to truth, compromise, lukewarmness, people pleasing and the all famous Eli Attitude which is in plague proportions amongst pentecostals and evangelicals. This epidemic draws people like mushrooms grow in darkness. Brother Wilson of Seed Sown Services calls it hardy truth-resistant weed seed theology.....(click here).
  • Rodney was very generous in his speech especially when it came to subjects like Jesus fighting people/churches who had other doctrines in their midst.
Fighting them with the established canon of course. Also, he made it clear that he didn't really want to go there, definitely too deep and dangerous in these days of intolerance toward truth.....(click here).

His mention of the Smyrna Church was a deliberate denial of the writing for he dared not elaborate on the real situation, re/poverty and trouble, what would the gold diggers think.......(click here).

Rodney quickly mentioned the corrupt church at Thyatira in such a general way you would think a Roman Catholic priest was in the pulpit.....(click here).

The church at Sardis, he admitted that it was dead but like most he dared not explain the real meaning of death in this text and worse he said that everyone on earth had their name in ......the book of life.....from natural birth. Hence your name is removed then if you don't repent and turn to God. this in itself is raw heresy and Eli Theology at its best. What on earth would God have dead sinners names in the book of life for?

Emotions were rising high by this time and he moved into the word for the Philadelphia Church which was virtually nothing more than what you would get in Sunday School - lolly water drip, no meat to be seen.
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His slant on the Laodecian Church was as expected in this day and age mere salad dressing maybe a fine wine to finish the meal. Smooth, palatable, easy to swallow and most of all non-offensive- to the flesh and pride of haughty (most) men and women......(click here).

No mention whatsoever of the....spew....what or who the spew was, a real safety first gospel, family first Jesus second pentecostal political party policy of the last day churches in the west......(click here).

Within all his message I could only give him 3 out of 10 for theological effort, 11 out of 10 for emotional performance and 12 out of 10 for bringing shame to the doctrine of the Christ and his name and church.

Yes, Rodney did mention the church at  Ephesus but as normal no elaboration on the removed lamp stand. A very depressing, disappointing view from such a highly praised man of Christendom.

Rodney Howard Browne doctor as he is called (originally from Africa) is right in his element in the USA and my view on America/USA in general is harlotry and are no doubt the founders and promoters of some of the most wicked theologies on the earth.....(click here).

Rodney continually stated that he does not add to or take away from the Holy Bible while he spoke throughout the entire speech but little does he know this is exactly what he did and anyone with an ear to hear would say yeah and amen.........................(click here).

He finished off his message by saying to the crowd.............Go in peace!

He did not know........Revelation 3:17.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Romans 1:18-32
(click here)
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  1. Deception tells you there will be revival when God said falling away.
  2. Deception tells you you are saved while living in known sin.
  3. Deception tells you the balance of compromise is acceptable to God.
  4. Deception tells you you can not forfeit your birth right - salvation.
  5. Deception tells you wherever the multitude are Jesus is there.
  6. Deception tells you satan judges when it's only Jesus who judges.
  7. Deception tells you the true proverb is not true......2 Peter 2:22.