● Few obviously know and are aware that God does not contradict himself neither does he make mistakes or lie........click.

It is the responsibility of all ministers to inform their congregations and their communities of the 'Full Counsel of God'. Not overlooking any truths or helpful hints lest the peoples miss the mark and end up in that horrid place called hell-fire-eternal due to a (willfully) misguided coward teacher, pastor, minister/church leader.....click.
  1. Jesus was born of a virgin-village-girl/Mary in a stable at Bethlehem but does this justify the 'season' concocted by men and women throughout the ages?......no it doesn't........click.

    We can find no mention not even a whisper of any apostle of the Christ teaching the 'true' church about and how to celebrate the birth of the saviour as a bonafide tradition to be upheld and kept come what may. What was wrong with the apostles of the Christ that they did not make this canon and set aside a certain day, week, month, year or 'season' for this baby boy?......and where was the tree with its bells and whistles, the exploitation of the poor and the sudden fly by night recognition of a saviour of What??
  2. Christmas was not orchestrated by the 'true' church, it's head/Jesus or any apostolic 'men'. It was and is and always will be an invention and tradition of carnal men  and women, a work of the degenerated minds of men and women, the flesh. Men and women basically giving a Cain offering rather than an Abel offering to God........Genesis 4:4, 5.
  3. Christmas is presented as 'a season' of each year a 'season' to get excited about (a baby jesus boy) and to really lash out heartily with generosity wall to wall but doesn't St. Paul tell us to be as this all year both in giving ourselves to Jesus and to others? St. Paul also tells us that the keeping of days, months, years and seasons are practices of the spiritually blind and the double-minded. Peoples who have not managed to grasp the full understanding of the Christ's coming or 'The Cross' and its outworking (delivering) power and liberty, people who live in the shadow only not the 'substance' - the Christ........Galatians 4:10, 11, 20.
  4. Christmas is a making of mere men and women who defiantly hold to 'their' selfish traditions with both hands and stick to their guns even though they have run out of ammunition. St. Paul calls them bewitched, while persisting to render the word/doctrine of the Christ (which is prized by God above heaven, earth and humans) void, empty and nothing to be taking seriously......Galatians 3:1-4, 1 Timothy 2:11-13, Matthew 15:8, 9.......Selah........click.

    Presents one for another on someone else's birthday (some on demand, even threats) depicting the true roots of this 'seasonal creation' of religious peoples, most certainly blind leading the blind into yet another showing in the flesh with converts to 'the season' to go with it.

    Still with no witness of any apostle or disciple of the Christ buying, selling or making a singular present for the 'Christ's Birthday Celebration Season' and giving to one another as promoted by religions, traditions of men and women. They even hold it up as seeking God's righteousness and teach the little children the same lie.......click.

  5. We are told by scripture to remember the Christ in one way and this was from the 'Lambs Mouth' and it wasn't 'seasonally' or otherwise it was every day and each time we meet. It was his death, burial and resurrection in other words ....The Cross. The very happening that trumpets to the entire globe daily....."we don't have to live in 'known' sin anymore"...the Good-God-News. This is the very news frowned upon by both churches and the world alike especially when it comes to absolute predestination, date - rape, homosexuality, lesbianism, ecumenicalism, greed $$$$, priesthoods, woman pastors and church leaders/bishops........click

    St. Paul left nothing out, he said so himself. Paul said that his doctrine/canon was Christ's and if it wasn't going to be helpful he wouldn't bother mentioning it. Yet he declared the 'Full Counsel' of Yahweh not adding to or taking away therefore had no man or woman's blood on his hands.....Acts 20:19-27....Selah.

    So where - O - where is St. Paul's teaching about the 'Santy - Alias Nick - Alias Christmas Season' written?........click.

    Let us not go beyond what is written lest we be deceived and deceive others all the wide-way to hell-fire. The Bereans checked the script (as we have here today) to see for themselves.....'if it was so' and to confirm if it was written and a true teaching of the church or whether it was a religious tradition of men and women. We have by the leading and authority of 'holy ghost and scripture' together in unison come to see clearly that 'Christmas' is not written or a practice of the true church - the holy remnant, headed up by Jesus the Christ.
  6. Christmas, like priests, purgatory, Sabbaths, tithing, baptising babies, holy-water in bowls, Mary as co-redeemer and mother of God, praying for and to the dead, price tags and bar codes - the selling of bible scripture/peddling, along with credential cards to recognise and give men permission to proclaim 'salvation/freedom from known sin and holiness to Yah/God'........are not written in new testament scripture for us to uphold, for these things simply aren't so.......Acts 17:11, 19.....Selah!

    What shall you do in 2008, will you repent of any or all the above if applicable to your life and turn from your sin, come clean before Jesus who is faithful and true to forgive all or will you harden your heart (in pride) as the rebellious do when told the truth?.....2 Corinthians 7:1.

    Teaching teachers and contending with the contenders as Father leads.
    Pastor Paul Sheehan/Saint
    Jeremiah 3:15



    P.S. The folly of fools is deceit....click.