"Jesus will have no part with harlot-church-people".
(Revelation 2:9, Matthew 7:22, 23, Matthew 24:45-51)
The last (mythical) Worldwide Revival teaching will be spoken of and driven deep within many willful-sinners lives in the end times in order to appease the hearts of the ......Christless......click

Once upon a time (I remember clearly) back in my early years of being a disciple of the Christ. There were many men and women (a good percentage of these still remain to prey on the babes in Christ) who spruiked their devilish garbage of demons, demons, christian with demons and never ever told (in Love) people that those who decided to follow Jesus need to 'crucify the flesh' with it's passions. Therefore the buck was either passed to demons or the devil himself, sometimes even other people were the blame.....click.

And these liars/teachers, made a financial killing (and still do) out of their make believe demonic books and labeled it love of course, peddling doctrines of (about) demons. And these cancerous teachings still plague churches today but are of no part with the 'holy remnant' for they promised Yahweh to take responsibility for their own willful sin and repent of it.....click.

Derek Prince (the heretic) deceased was a real stickler for such falsity and Bill Subritzky of New Zealand is another. Ben Hinn the Penny-Costal pope was a close friend of Prince and endorses him, this in itself tells a story, a very sad one.......click.

● David Wilkerson/Times Square Church, NY spoke recently of "The Last Revival"....26.8.2007 and used Isaiah 54 for his text.....click.

Dave has repeatedly proven himself to be for many years a lukewarm minister who refuses to believe the doctrine of the Christ. Dave has a Security Squad and one of his top minders is an X satanic worshipper who walks him down town at times......click.

I don't read of any one of Jesus disciples or any old testament prophet having bodyguards, do you?.....is this faith in Christ?...or fear of death and God's Will?

Dave fights tooth and nail for his belief that there will be an Endtime-Worldwide-Revival and he also says that a man or woman who has been born-again can never lose their salvation. 'Absolute Predestination' is no doubt a satanic-endtime-doctrine, where many will pass the buck for their willful sin onto demonic attack and claim for 'themselves' salvation under the heading of 'Grace' and that illusive word so often used....'mistake', we all make mistakes (sin willfully) no one is perfect (obeys God's word) only Jesus and Mary and don't forget the Pope and Lady Diana......click.

As one of Dave Wilkerson's youth Pastors says....."You are the manifest presence of God".....he was talking to the Times Square congregation when he said that. Sit down and think about that for a while and you can't help but come to the sober conclusion that.....this rubbish talk is not only smelling of penny-costalism, kingdom-now-theology, Copeland, Savelle and Schuller but chiefly smells pungently of that satanic theology accredited to Mrs. Eve Dusty - Ribb of the Eden Bible College on Death Avenue......the little God syndrome .....click.

How a backslidden, sin-lovin, lukewarm-church goer could be the manifested presence of God/Almighty God I have no idea. Not even the mighty Moses, Elijah, John the Baptiser or St. Paul, were the manifested presence of God, totally impossible......click.

A real 'Manifested Sons of God', Kansas City Prophets come '777' imaginary repentance Bingo Club. Apparently Dave Wilkerson's son has been hanging out with assorted pretend prophets, this could have rubbed off onto his dad's theatre and all concerned. It only takes one Achan to tear the camp up in the eyes of Yahweh, so the scripture says.......(process of elimination - Joshua 7:19-21).

Divorce Papers are no doubt pending for many churches (so to speak) and their leaders regarding the  marriage of the Lamb. But then again these Broad-Way Teachers say Jesus wouldn't do such a thing but the doctrine they so hard-headedly refuse to believe (Christ's) says blatantly he does and he will unless they repent......Revelation 3:16.....click.

To say otherwise is to lead (usher) people to hell-fire eternal and have the blood of many on your hands, for 'full counsel' is the only accepted advice and 'hot' is the only acceptable condition for the heart. Hot is  not scraping into heaven by your gums as some (many) say.

Rebuke them sharply in the faith.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Galatians 1:10, Titus 1:13, 14, Amos 5:10


Note: JTCM believes that there are demons, princes of the air and casting out demons but not from born-again followers of the Christ, there is no scriptural evidence of such an insult to the supernatural light of the Christ. (Was this one a demon of incest?.....St. Paul said to give the immoral one to satan ................... 1 Corinthians 5:1-5).........click.