As a minister and a part of the body of the Christ I am concerned about the messages that are leaving pulpits in the churches today across the globe. Especially one particular church in the USA 'Times Square Church' New York, New York. For it is this church that is instrumental in influencing many today in a dangerous doctrine........click.

David Wilkerson, the senior pastor of this church has continually proven (to me anyway) that his doctrine and the doctrine of his piers have strayed from the doctrine of the Christ (if it was ever fully there).

Dave entertains compromise and aids and abets ministers who never bother to drive the 'nail of truth home' within his congregation. Dave has women in the pulpit teaching his flock and has prophesied things that have never come to pass. Not to mention his connection with the charismatic movement. Dave's teachings have actually opposed those of the Christ, St Paul and St John/the beloved. He waters down scripture and forever chooses the middle ground to please people rather than God, although he would say otherwise.....click.

Mr. Wilkerson who calls himself a prophet and is accepted as a prophet in his own country, persists on avoiding the absolutes and the ultimatums of the scripture's of the Christ and profits from this with added heads to his pews, as well as other treats. I firmly believe that he along with many other 'growing' churches across the globe need to do some serious revision of their teachings before messiah returns least they be destroyed.....John 4:44 ....click

Dave has prophesied things that have never come to pass, he presents himself on TV programs (James Robison - Life Show) which are run by men and women who are fine regarding humanism and fund raising but when it comes to laying the axe to the root they are very stand-offish least their program suffer. But then how can a church,, ministry, minister, suffer, be rejected, neglected or rubbished in these days while they aim at finding out what the people want and giving it to them exactly when they want it?......prosperity, peace, unity, women in the pulpit blabbin wives tales and love for all even those who do not what the Christ says.......John 14:23.....click.

Dave's decline over the years has barely been noticeable to his prophetic-fan-club but remains obvious to the burning and shining lamps of the world and stands out like an infected boil on a man's nose. This surely proves that money, fame and fortune makes the knees weak and flattery surely corrupts....click.

The smell of compromise, leanness toward dealing with sin, the issue of damnation and the biggest apple of all.....that stinkin' calvanistic doctrine (of "once saved can not be lost" or as Dave Hunt puts it "Salvation is a gift that God will not take back and God makes it clear, certain, can never be lost") that has wafted out of TSCNY far too long, it's high time they addressed it before Yahweh addresses them......click.

Dave Wilkerson was asked the question Feb/2004 did he believe in and endorse "Word of Faith" teachings and practices. The only reply that came back from the TSCNY was........

"Dave made it a practice not to listen to idle rumours, we can not address this situation. This is our final word on it".

They say this man is a prophet.....whose prophet?....a prophet for the people from the people or a prophet of God/Yahweh to the people for the saving of their wretched souls from eternal living hell fire....

● Trusting you will study the contents with consideration toward your eternal existence after judgement.

● Pastor Paul Sheehan
● Unprofitable Servant
● Luke 17:10