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[according to men and women today]

This article tells the world today of the failures of ....The Cross.....according to evangelicalism and pentecostalism. O, how pitiful and incomplete was Gods Work at Calvary according to most churches today.

These beliefs I am about to mention are no doubt mighty signs that keep one wondering how few will eventually in the end be saved from perdition.....Hebrews 10:39......(Click here)

Here is a list of things that apparently were not attended to by the outcome (completed work) finished work of the cross at Golgotha...........
  • Was not enough to deliver us from self, known sin, satan or our past.
  • Needs mere men and women to deliver people, supposedly born (from above) again from indwelling evil spirits/demons. Doesn't say much for the great light of the Christ which struck Saul off his animal blinding him, does it?......Acts 9. (failure)
  • Never delivered people from the sins of the forefathers, generational and reoccurring sin, we need men and women to cast these things out, away or break them off as they say today, don't they?..... (failure)
  • Was not capable of setting us free from the illusion that possessions, money, fame, fortune and covetousness place the whole world under.......(failure)
  • Was not able to deliver us from the lust for self esteem in preference to allowing the Christ to live through us.......(failure)
  • Failed to take us into the holy of holies hence churches and their ingenious leaders continue to paddle around in christendom mud, vomit, back patting the unrepentant all the way to hell and in this life nothing but regular visits to the city called Backslidden......Romans 6:15-23.
  • Never gave those who follow him/obey him, his doctrine any power over sin but apparently has made way for all to be millionaires $$$$.....(failure)
  • No longer requires us to give up our lives but instead christendom says we are to.....enjoy everyday life....endorsed by every jezebel and ahab on the planet.......Matthew 10:39.....(freedom)
  • Apparently made way for all women to don three piece suits, get a US marine hair cut, lust after fine apparel, paint the face, in some cases change (by surgery) the face (Gods Creation) and slap Jesus in the face in the making......(freedom) 

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  • Made way for freedom (sin) of choice regarding lesbianism, homosexual church leaders and women being the bread earner and the men washing nappies, ironing and housekeeping.....(freedom)
  • Opened the door for women to teach men and women to have authority over men just as it was in the beginning/Genesis-Adam, Eve......(freedom)
  • Ushered us all into a whole new move, wave, level, wind of belief such as apostles who cannot preach or work miracles, prophets whose prophesies continually fail, are friends of the world, whose message is money.......(freedom)
  • Gave us evangelists that cannot preach without background music, strobe lights or name dropping..(failure)
  • Left us with pastors and pastorettes without understanding or knowledge but plenty of ideas on business, marketing, book sales and socialising in general....influence is the key word while saving face and denomination at the same time......(failure)

    Jesus has no doubt left the world with two roads with no middle road to take just narrow and wide. The narrow is narrow and the wide is wide. The wide road church can take you to the top of the heap in this world and the bottom of the pit/hell in the life to come. The narrow road church will place you in a position where the world hates you, despised and rejected appearing poor but unbeknown to the world and christendom, infinitely rich.

    Whatever way you look at it through scripture the truth still remains there is another Jesus, another spirit and another gospel being offered in today's world just as it was in the days of St Paul.........2 Corinthians 11:1-4.

    The real gospel saves from (known) sin, self esteem problems, demons, satan, the great tribulation and eternal hellfire but only if we are willing.

    Are you willing? for he, Jesus is able.
    Pastor Paul Sheehan
    Ephesians 3:14-21


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THE TRUTH..........The reality is, the cross of calvary, the death, burial and resurrection of the Christ did a perfect work for mankind but men, women and youth refuse to comply with his, Jesus standard hence forfeit the power thereof and the end can only be death, eternal living death where the worm never dies.....hell fire....
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s Revelation 21:8
s Revelation 3:5
s Revelation 3:16
s Revelation 22:11

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