Philippians 3:2, 2 Thessalonians 2:10,12

    Has been a real issue in the world we live and unbewares to most in this gullible world and society we live there is a similar happening going on in the a spiritual way......example
Many churches worldwide make a date with many peoples either on a Saturday or Sunday only to 'rape the minds and pockets' of the willing, unlearned, gullible and the ignorant. It's a real issue with real devastating consequences, eternal

The holy bible/book of Revelation speaks about 'The Mother of Harlots' (who we believe to be  the RCC) having a cup/chalice full of abominations and

The followers of this (harlot) Church, other churches and denominations are made drunk with this wine. Speaking of drink/wine/doctrine/teaching.

Although this church claims Christ Jesus, you will and can be sure that it's a doctrine that the Christ would not own or endorse, it has been 'spiked' with an anti-Christ-matriarchal poison. Anti-Christ in this case meaning ...anti-Christ's doctrine......(void of unadulterated truth).

Any teaching that violates the instruction of the Christ is anti or against the teaching of Mashiah, hence, not acceptable or advisable to adhere

Yes dear reader, there is a good reason to examine all professed bible teachers, pastors and church leaders doctrine thoroughly every time they open their mouth if you value your eternal existence. JTCM are no exception. 

A spiked doctrine-drink is as good as, if not worse than 'a devils doctrine' just as Pastor Eve Dusty-Rib's was and is no doubt a "New York Times'best seller inside the churches and

When a person has been spiritually date raped, had their drink/doctrine spiked with satanic-goodwill-teaching (Genesis 3:4) it always leaves that person addicted to lies and the lukewarm programs of searching for 'Common Ground'.....Babel Unity and immuned to bible truth.

Although Jesus the Christ told all and tells all repeatedly that if individuals walk in the light/his light/doctrine that one can in turn then fellowship with all who do likewise, it's ignored and men and women believe and say they have another way, and they do, as we can all see ref/no rain and churches drunk with lies and falsity.....1 John

Whether we understand it or not, each time we attend a church weekly we are drinking-in and we are partaking/eating-of spiritual foods and our intake is either the 'waters of life' and 'the bread' that leads to eternal life or it is not. To have a mix is to have nothing at all at best eventuating in a double-minded person, minister,

The 'Mother of Harlots and Harlot-Hearted Churches' all offer the same spiked drink, doctrine. A doctrine that never really ever gets down to the 'root' of the issue, especially the issue of sin and that dreaded subject that concerns 'inside' the Church of the Living God/Jesus, that subject being......'Known Sin'

Apologetics, Polemics and Hermeneutics are all useful in shining the Messianic Light on such issues but this is only if the great and almighty 'Paraclete' is leading. Let us all not overlook this truth lest we end up in the error of another way, doctrine.

To have not the specific way/doctrine of the Christ is to have another Jesus, another spirit and another gospel which leads all the way to hell-fire stopping all stations, churches.
  • Turning souls from the error of 'their' way/doctrine
    Pastor Paul Sheehan
    Galatians 1:10, James 5:19, 20.

Note: In summary, beware of the mutilators who scramble and twist the scriptures for their own advantage to the detriment of their listeners. Jesus describes this kind as dogs. Let it be known in all regions that JTCM are of the circumcism that worship Yahweh in, by and through the Paraclete.....ref/Philippians 3:1-3.....Selah. Romans 2:29.

P.S. And don't forget to avoid all genealogies and family tree excursions which always prove to be vain, endless and useless and troublesome. Ref/1 Timothy 1:1-11.