(and pied pipers of the end times)
There is no mention of the Garden of Eden anywhere in the New Testament Bible Scriptures and to add it in is sin and rebellion.....ref / Acts 17:11. So where do Copeland and Dollar, Winston, Savelle and Hinn along with the rest of the American Pie Pirates get their doctrine of such broad speculation from?...."their own demented minds"....Acts 17:11.

Creflo Dollar tells the tale of "The Pie" and getting the whole pie. Neither do I read about 'a pie' in my bible that was baked by God for all who

This American Pie of Dollar and no sense Copeland is exactly that, all American to the core. And that is as shifty as the day is long. Reinventing or recreating the Garden of Eden would mean we must not sin ever again, hence we would need no advocate/Jesus and the Christ's doctrine would be

Mr. Dollar and his partner in crime (if it is still a crime to lie, steal and rob the poor) insist on talking about walking in love, that you may lay hold of all the goodies of Eden and at the same time these 'peddlers' send out the word of God or the so called revelation they say they got from God with a price tag hanging off it. This is not obedience or love.......Revelation 22:17.

Is this walking in love?......walking in love for self and with self maybe but could hardly be recognised as agape/ahavah love Jesus the Christ's

Paul the apostle along with his apostolic and prophetic bible believing brothers never made one mention of this......Returning to the Garden of Eden position in order to 'get' the blessing of the 'whole pie', all because it is baloney, sausage

As one TV evangelistette boasted the other day that she had 3 million partners on the books and she has her photo taken giving a broken down afro-american a new car and some basic home appliances.

● It reminded me of Messiah watching on at offering time and the rich and religious (church leaders) high flyers, gave a slither out of their much, abundance, plenty while the poor widow put in all her livelihood. Jesus said that the poor widow put in more than them all, how much do you still have in the bank after you give?.....did you really give anything?....maybe just a mere shaving of your dinosaur nest egg......Luke 21:1-4.

Paul the apostle who wrote most of the NT Letters battled on with Yahweh's Message and never lived any better than the common poor man, I guess he must have missed out on 'Creflo and Ken's Pie' too. 
The saints, born-again of the seed of Abraham through the Christ, the blood washed, water baptised/fully submerged, spirit filled and spirit led saints of The Church at Smyrna missed out on the 'American Pie' also. They must have missed the "Love Walk" hence forfeited the good life and the year of overflow

Not even Jesus got to get the bus that "Returned to Eden" for even messiah had no queen size bed with satin sheets to lie on and satin pillows to cry on. This bible Jesus couldn't even pay his taxes, he had to ask for it off a fish in the sea. Just as well those drunken sailors lost their wages overboard the week before.

You will eventually find, if you haven't already awakened to it, that the prosperity, pentecostal/evangelical millionaires of the church world/christendom are exposed and their folly made manifest to all each time they open their big mouth. All you have to do is check their words with established canon, scripture and their will the evidence

The leech has two daughters......give me!...give me!!!!!
   Pastor Paul Sheehan
   Proverbs 30:15

P.S. I fancy a pie now and then, preferably a curry with peas and a dab of dead horse/sauce and a can of fizzy, icy-cold ginger beer on the side.......amen!