The love of Yah!
(constrains me)

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  • DEVOTION....

can mean any of the following, deep affection, loyalty, dedication, earnestness, ardent enthusiasm or even zealous worship.

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Collins Australian Compact Dictionary.
(The New)

Date: 8.4.2005
A young man named Marcus came to me the other day whilst I was yet again, still, on the city side-walk offering light in the dark and he said this......
  • Tell me, where does your devotion come from, like is it something handed down from your family, upbringing or what? are so devoted ........(click)

    My reply was, I didn't come from a religious family at all. My dad was an unbeliever (at his best a violin player, a milk pasteuriser/separator, cheese maker, carpenter and ball room dancer not to mention a drunk), and my mum was no church goer and I schooled at a religiously wrong, scripturally unsound organisation called the Roman Catholic Church/System, the Harlot as the Holy Bible more correctly identifies her, the woman who rides a, the Beast.......Revelation 17........selah!......(click)

    So where does my devotion, zeal, loyalty, earnestness, ardent enthusiasm come from?????.........(click).

    I just have to say, speak, as the oracles of God/Yah here and say......
Dear reader, this young man an avid book reader and one who continually passes me on his way to work daily, saw, seen and witnesses with joy an unusual devotion that not even most professed christians are aware of....selah!
  • A peculiar person!
    Pastor Paul Sheehan
    1 Peter 2:9, Matthew 8:10