(new gospel, same old serpent)
The book "New Day, New You" written by Mrs. Joyce Meyer of Joyce Meyer Ministries USA, a 365 day Devotional is promoting lies once again, will it ever
"Often one of the signs that we are walking in the light of the gospel is that we have good relationships with 'everyone' with whom we come in contact in our daily lives including our spouse and our children"....Joyce Meyer, copyright 2007, published by Faithwords....
● Comment by Pastor Paul Sheehan/JTCM Australia.

You could hardly call these words of Joyce 'faithwords' or words that come from the faith/the doctrine of the Christ, in actuality they are contrary in every way to what Jesus the Christ says. These word-faith crooks always seem to get away with it though don't they?

No, dear friend they don't, because, 'seems means apparent but not in reality'. The judgement day is nearer than ever and good deeds will never compensate for a life-time of false teaching and leading peoples astray, even though they led people astray in a very politely veneered way, all packaged in that historical word 'love'.

But no love of the truth or love for the truth was to be found in any of their hybridised-venues of hype.

Out of the abundance of the heart/spirit the woman speaks and Joyce's speech/words are not the heart/words/doctrine of God/Yahweh.....ref/Jeremiah 3:15....Selah.

Joyce's book 'New Day, New You' is definitely a New Gospel, a New-Age-Gospel that fits all sizes and stretches with the flesh. Surely sodium, fat and a slap on the back for all gulls, male, female and connect groups alike.

Testing the spirit behind the words/doctrine.
Acts 17:11
Suggested readings for clarification are .....1, 2, 3, 4.