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The plot thickens as this woman continues to bury herself deeper in error by her tele-broadcasts of unbiblical practices and the people love it...2 Peter 2:1-3, 2 Timothy 3:9, Jeremiah 5:31

It has been said, that this elderly woman who is one of the highest paid speakers of the 'american-gospel' world lives in a house worth nearly  $2 million dollars, I guess that this would be in US

Joyce has been caught on several occasions tagging herself as a prophet of God, the God that rode a borrowed donkey colt and had not as much as a sleeping bag or mattress to lay

Legitimate records show that Mrs. Meyer and her helper Dave/her husband, rake in well over tens, scores of millions of US Dollars bi-annually from sales and services of so called holy bible resources. At the last documented account of this 'religious business' the figures were pushing $120 million dollars US for the year. It must have been a bad year.

Mrs. Meyer prizes herself as a 'faith' woman sent of the donkey riding God Jesus Christ of Nazareth, this is a hard statement to swallow when one begins to consider the scriptures of the holy bible, especially the new testament disciples of the Christ. Not forgetting that St Paul, St John, St Luke, St James and St Peter were the men who wrote the actual scriptures given by God and not one of these portrayed a life of luxury, glamour, ease or prestige. Neither did any NT writer 'sell/peddle' the words given them by God/Yahweh. 'Mrs. Meyer's' Ministry does not line up with the NT examples of the Christ's Way of doing things. I wonder why?

Every time I think of Joyce Meyer Ministries, I also think of another woman that has risen to a soft seat in a (worldly) high place and that is the roman catholic queen .....The Reverend Mother Angelica of EWTN/USA.

Angelica with all her idol worship for the so called mother of God and her tuckshop-lady-humour (like Joyce) literally mesmerises the crowds into thinking that (her doctrine) the doctrine of 'the roman catholic religion' is actually the doctrine of Jesus the Christ, God Almighty. At least Angelica hasn't tried to change the face that God made for her with surgery but still she is not much better when it comes down to truth (doctrine) and

Joyce (as many do today) seems to think that because multitudes follow a certain person and that person has become wealthy and apparently built numerous structures throughout the earth, they are sent of God. This is deception at it's finest and most
● Can you show me any structure/building or financial inheritance left behind by Jesus the Christ or any of his apostles, for this world and his disciples that would follow on? you can't, for he bringeth his reward with him. But he did leave a doctrine, teaching, way, the only
Mrs. Meyer sees herself as not being vain but her writings and her subject titles, her choice of living arrangements tell on her very smartly. with one of her books called "Look great, feel great" being a real blast among the woman folk and why not, especially the vain ones, the carnal. However, Joyce contradicts herself in her other book "The Confident Woman" and says....'Don't let feelings rule your life anymore"

Once again, still, we witness that there are many noble, great, wealthy and popular people in the world that are of the world, who do many charitable deeds but still will never live with Jesus for eternity. One wealthy man (who does not preach for Jesus) only recently gave away $4 billion dollars to an earthly cause, still, this will not save his wretched soul from hell, for the scripture says all born again and follow Jesus to be saved and part of his kingdom, few enter by the narrow, difficult gate....Matthew 7:13,14.

Many display their offerings, donations, whether money, possessions or time publicly just as Jesus commanded not to do. Lord Jesus says obedience to his doctrine is what he wants not the sacrifice of things that mean less to us than our sin. click

I have always believed that a persons 'personal' bank balance tells a lot about a man or a woman, this especially applies to so called spiritual men and women, so called humble church leaders and so called "God Sent" evangelists, apostles and

Can you for one minute in time believe that a woman (supposed living sacrifice) who lives in a $2 million dollar home, has a $20 million business headquarters, has a $10 million jet, frequents 5 star restaurants, tailored clothing stores, has a private hairdresser, has a business with 500 employees and speaks on more than 600 radio and TV stations, can you honestly believe that this woman actually speaks the very same message that the Christ was crucified for, Paul was beaten for, John was beheaded for, Stephan was stoned to death for and I myself was set on fire publicly for?.......never in a million

Mrs. Meyer's message is about people, self, worldly success, money, fame, looks, feelings and achievement, all brought about by cunning marketing and the basic principles of the world and not in accord with the doctrine of the Christ or his bonafide disciples/apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and I have never read of the 12

● Born again, a second time not of a woman this time but a man, the son of man the living word, the incorruptible seed/the saviour, Jesus the Christ........1 Peter 1:23, Job 1: 4:1

Pastor Paul Sheehan
Unprofitable Servant
Luke 17:10


P.S. Mrs. Meyer may have a five story lighted cross displayed at her Fenton Luxury Headquarters but she certainly doesn't carry a cross, deny herself of sin or follow the homeless messiah, end of story.