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"when you can decorate your house the way - you - want it"

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Joyce Meyer of Joyce Meyer Ministries USA, shared some of her wisdom the other day with the public (13.06.2005, Briz/31) and she said....................

"Decorate your house exactly how you want it for it will increase the anointing on your life."

This piece of wisdom was generously transferred to her by a friend of hers who is a pastor.

This kind of wisdom (froth and bubble) is not an isolated statement from this woman but is clearly consistent in her religious doctrine.
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  • Where do I find that scripture, the house decorating scripture?....Maybe it is in the same book as the rebuking of the trickle flow finances and releasing the flood monies /Steve Penny/ AOG -Australia.

    Then again it might be in the 'seed time harvest journal' or the 40 day program or the financial breakthrough catalogue that St Paul read as he rented his home, went hungry and thirsty?
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Micah 7:1-7

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