The full Counsel Newsletter - No 242

THEY DELIGHT IN LIES THEY BLESS WITH THEIR MOUTH BUT THEY CURSE INWARDLY..........................................................................PSALM 62:4A.

(Re: 1 Chronicles 10:1-8/prophecy fulfilled)

This portion of scripture was spoken by King David, lion fighter, bear killer, poet, prophet, teacher, writer, giant slayer and psalmist..... ....................(click here)

You are able to detect people male or female who delight in lies, they hate, resist, turn from, reject and despise the raw truth. These kind of people are good at using the word bless, virtually every thing they say, sing and promote is about blessing for that is where their mind and heart are stayed not on Jesus the Christ.......Yeshua is actually their second love.......Isaiah 26:3...(click here)

They curse inwardly.....just as the ones that are forever talking about love, peace and unity. These ones in reality know very little about these subjects however they pass it off extremely well before the peoples very eyes and ears charging top dollar as per usual for their counsel. Kind of reminds me of the days gone by (which never really left us) when the Roman Catholics would be charged for forgiveness and pay top dollar for a seat in either purgatory or heaven whatever your delight, sometimes at a cut price......(click here).

Yes, if you care to admit it this kind of behaviour is well and alive amongst the so-called christian book stores and tele-marketing ministers/ettes and mega-mart business savvy churches of the world today. I have often wondered how stupid people could be without being diagnosed with mad cows disease.

It's all really a bit much for me.....the books, videos, CD, DVD, catalogues with their same old, same old, sun rise cover or the enlarged eagle scene, the stars and stripes flags, the exploitation of broken down poor third world people and not forgetting the price tags and bar codes which tell all of the faith, hope and love these religious side shows forever display without even blushing. It's a joke, that would make the whole of heaven cry..

David says in this message of Psalm 62:8, trust in God at all times and pour out your heart to him. Most ministers/ettes pour out their hearts, broadcast their needs, wants, dislikes, financial reports and debts to the public/world. They talk, talk, talk about the power of prayer dressing everyone else down and turn around within thirty minutes with the same tongue and beg, borrow, demand and steal (take by trickery) from the very ones they just taught the 7 steps to successful prayer.... what a lesson to learn! What kind of faith, hope and love is this?

They delight in lies, bless with their mouth and curse inwardly. For a person to broadcast on television that they want all the possessions, glitter, gloss and floss that they can lay their hands on only says that their minds are not on things above where the Christ is seated.... ....................(click here).

To resist the truth, refuse to turn from heresy, side with compromisers, fellowship with unrighteousness, aid and abet, subscribe to  false doctrine is to ....delight in lies, bless with the mouth and curse inwardly for this is the reward of and the end of every enemy of the cross, friend of the world and lover of sin...........James 4:4, 1:22.

How much longer will such as these go on in their error, shall not all of them be slain like a leaning wall and a tottering fence with its rotten/weed-seed foundation?....Psalm 62:3.. .............selah!

P.S. 2009 - It has been said recently that Pope John Paul the dead sinner is about to be ordained as a saint by the RCC and you can purchase for a fee a piece of One of his

Pastor Paul Sheehan