The full Counsel Newsletter - No 441


('rock' the land down under with $100 MILLION BILL)

John writes about a woman who feeds and has fed the world multitudes with wine (doctrine, words) that makes drunk (silly, fun-feeling, stupid).

This woman is known worldwide (on many waters) and she is popular to the spiritually dead and deluded. Scarlet and purple are the colours of this whore and these colours are worn religiously. Gold, pearls and precious stones are surrounding her headquarters, hierarchy position, The Vatican

Her golden cup, chalice for her 'Eucharistic Witchery' is in her hand and many drink and are deceived into thinking that hence they are on their way to heaven.

The spokesman for this harlot organisation was just recently on Australian soil promoting 'her drunken doctrines' and devilish lies. This one was none other than Pope Ben XVI alias 'apostle of peace' or as one newscaster wrongly said 'a prophet of peace', given that apostles and prophets are two different

It is rather mysterious you could say, how such a blatantly horrid organisation would get away with such abominations as hers and still not only carry on but draw crowds that only rock 'n' roll groups could allure. A mystery, at least until the light of Messiah's Doctrine shines on our deceitful

The reports say that it cost tax payers around $100Million to cover all costs associated with Ben's visit to the Land (that's going under) Down Under. Yet, pensioners and seniors fight a losing battle for a $10 rise. Ben's message was read from A4 sheet-paper word for word, nothing was from the heart of this roman-catholic-robot.

● All the usual catch words were used, aboriginals, hope, peace, unity, love and a good time was had by all, well, those who were willing to drink from 'That Cup'.

Prime Minister Rudd told the pontiff, the apostle of peace that he was a very welcomed guest, addressing him as 'Your Holiness' and that his visit was surely an apostolic one. Some say that in order to be an apostle you must have had an in the flesh meeting with Jesus Christ Himself, surely Ben isn't that old is he?

Ben's emphasis on 'Hope' was void of the explanation that hope is forever out of reach (lasting-effective hope) until we all take God given faith in The Faith - Exclusive Doctrine of Jesus the Christ, my reference can be found in Romans 5:1-5....verse two being the highlighted. Faith in the faith, accessing the Grace, 'hope' (soul-saving-hope) that dwells in the house called Grace and can be accessed no other way, save by grace through faith in 'the faith'.....Selah.

There was a brief mention of the canonisation of the nun 'Mary McKillop' as a recognised saint, even the 'first' saint of Australia. A difficult one to get the old head around I must say.....Especially when we go to the Holy Bible which tells us all (who haven't drank of 'That Cup') Paul spoke to the saints at Ephesus, Rome, Galatia, Corinth and Colosse, none of whom were dead or roman catholic and few had the gift of miracles. What a

With one quarter of Australians written down as Roman Catholic and 1,300 parishes within the nation we are sure to encounter more of the folly that the 'Drink of the Cup of Her Fornications' produces as the nation becomes more and more desperate for answers to the questions of the land of sewerage

Once again another display (in the flesh) of pretend-revival subsides and all gets back to normal (living in known sin).....Amen.

Pastor Paul Sheehan