When in Rome ..........do as the Roman Catholics Do!

Palm Readers and Psychology .......$$$

Telling peoples what they are thinking and feeling, suggesting that because they themselves have lived in a certain way or they have heard of others who have lived or thought in certain ways therefore this applies to you (the crowd) at least some in the crowd, with a 'thus says the lord' stuck on the end and a price tag for good measure.

I am talking about the likes of the Meyer Family, the Copeland Family, the Hinn Family, the Houston Family, the Osteen Family and all the other misled families that are dangling off the tree of 'word-faith-theology'....click.

They categorise people and brand them with psychological tags then endeavour to solve their problems through (their books) their mind power which amounts to nothing that could take a person any further than the heights of the natural mountains of the sin cursed earth we now live in.

One prime example of these new age (so called) church leaders, bible teachers is Brian Houston/Hillsong. Brian on the 20.1.2007 shared his papal story with channel 10 on "Jesus Lifts".....click.

Brian said that he, while in Rome (did as the RC's did) visited the then pope/JP2 and was 'aroused' when he entered the room of the (great deceiver) pope/JP2, Brian said it was incredible. Brian told his gullible followers not to be afraid of heights-princes and people in high places. Brian was rather proud of himself that he had met with pope/JP2, one of the major instigators of the "One World Church"......click.

Brian said that Jesus came to 'lift us', Brian was no doubt talking about (money-pennywise) being someone in the eyes of men, women and the world, so that then people will listen to you and then you can lead them to the Jesus that going to 'lift' them as he lifted you, to be someone in the world....Luke 16:14, 15.

● Get a read of this........James 4:4, 2 Timothy 2:1-4, Hebrews 11:36-40......selah!
No true NT preacher of the Christ's Message ever spoke outside the doctrine the oracles of Father that he (God) may receive the glory. Brian Houston is free to speak  as he wills in his heart (and I believe he does) but I would not follow him to the corner shop, for he might loose his way.

I know in whom I have believed and it ain't Brian or his old mate JP2
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Galatians 1:10



Note: Jesus the Christ says... I am the Way!...yet few follow but 70 million Indians go to the Ganges River every year to try their luck, so to speak. Could this be revival?...Could this be God drawing them?......click.....click.