Bible verse............They continually say to those who despise me....'the lord' has said...."You shall have peace".....and to everyone who walks according to the 'imagination' of their own heart....."No evil shall come upon you"........ref/Jeremiah 23:17.

.................COMMENT FROM THE PASTOR'S PEN......................
Well, we just read an oracle that is thousands of years old as of the day it was made public yet it is a real, fresh and applicable to this very generation of churched leaders in 2010, as it was back then. Pillow Prophets and soft-soap Scribes and Pastors looking out for the dollar of those who actually despise the judge of the world....Jesus the Christ ....click.

If only they would give up and stop trying their best and let the Christ live through them, repent of their sins and be truly saved from above and preach the true doctrine of the Christ who said that we were to call ourselves....'unprofitable servants' after we have 'done all' that he has commanded us, no, they are too proud and greedy for such talk.....click.

Below we have pics of some of these conn-men, women, along with a snap of Mr. Ben Hinn hand in hand with his girlfriend, the false prophetess Paula White but where is Ben's wife? A real good match....the false with the false, birds of a feather do walk together. They might be dreaming of a white Christmas. Ben is from an AOG Pentecostal background as you can see.....ref/Luke 17:10.....click.
These proclaimers-false prophets of peace!....peace!.....where there is no peace, all minister from their 'own uncircumcised hearts' and  from their 'own selfish-imaginations' and it is evident and very clear that this is the case because their message, teachings and luxurious lifestyles and so called 'Godly Visions' are all about the material, this present world and themselves. I am sure Ken Copeland's God is his family.

And Jesus the Christ is no doubt given a place in their lives and minds but not 'first place', if he gets a place at all.......in any case he is despised!....ref/Romans 2:29, Micah 3:11, Luke 17:10, Micah 7:1-7, Matthew 10:37.........click.

He the Christ is very near in their mouths but far far away from the intentions, plans and agendas of their hearts.

Recently I listened to a famous 'American Roman Catholic Nun' by the name of Mother Angelica born 'Rita Antoinette Rizzo' founder of EWTN and she gave me directly, the truth about herself and the Roman Catholic Church all in one sentence. Which she has repeatedly done as I have listened to her teachings and all the other imposters and blasphemers on the ETWN Show. Here she is here, wearing her 'Eucharistic Medallion'......sad isn't it.....ref/Matthew 12:33-37.....click
Here are her words of wisdom...."Put your 'Imagination' into it".....she was speaking at the time about ministry and the RCC.....the RCC surely has done that. There is nothing wrong with imagination in itself, it's just that we should be respectful enough toward God not to add to or take away from his Word with our own concoctions that have been brought on by who knows who and who knows what. Let's simply speak as the oracles of God, that God may receive the glory and not Rita....click.

Rita is a real winner down under too (the land that's going under) in Australia, a real 'Ecumenical Bee Hive' if ever there was one. And why wouldn't she be, Australia is just as pagan as the land of the 'free spirits' America. The world will always listen to the world and if you are of the world the world will love you and hear you....ref/1 John 4:5.

The Roman Catholics have put more than their imagination into their Dogma, it is my personal belief that they also have put Satan into their Church. Indirectly giving him/Satan permission through their lying tongues to have his way with themselves and the blind followers of this 'Harlot Church Deceiver and Her Daughter-Denominations'. It's all for sale!....$$$$
The very thing that the prophet Jeremiah said that the false proclaimers supported. Peoples who walk and operate from the 'Imagination of their own wicked hearts'.

The true minister has a heart for God as number one in their life and ministers as the 'Oracles of God' not in accord with the 'Vain Imagination's of the Minds of unconverted men, women or Demonic spirits'.....ref/1 Peter 4:11, Jeremiah 5:30, 31, Matthew 15:6-9, Matthew 6:7.

Pastor Paul Sheehan

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