"Down among the Dead Men"....
testimony of Brother Greg Gabriel
I am 38 years old and I live in Handumanan, Bacolod City in the Philippines.

I am Filipino by nationality and I used to 'Worship the Dead and their Bones', (Amahang Bakal) or 'The Father of Stone' thinking I may find something there for me but there was nothing there, just dead men's bones...........ref/Acts 17:29, 30.

I was raised as a 'Roman Catholic' but I never really could accept what they proclaimed because I was always the same old sinner with no morals at all. Even in my ignorance I knew in my heart their teaching was a lie. Therefore I looked to the 'Amahang Bakal' for help. This only pushed me further into darkness. One of my fellow workers, a pastor, told me that what I was doing was wrong so I decided to read the bible and I was convicted..........ref/2 John 9-11.

So I asked Jesus to forgive me of my idolatry and sin and went to a bible study group for a while, at least until I met Pastor Paul Sheehan of Jesus the Christ Ministries-Mission, Holy ghost led me to this man to receive the meat of the 'Word of God' and the baptism of holy ghost. I have fellowshipped with this mission now for around eight months, first meeting Pastor Paul in December 2009 in a house meet in Handumanan.....ref/John 16:14...........click.

Because of this man of God I have come to know the truth, the true story of the 'Cross of the Christ' and I now understand the 'Word of God'. Since I have come to JTCM-Mission my worries and fears of the future have departed from me and 'Jesus the Christ' is my first and last, preeminent in my life. Others testify the same thing........Salvation and Eternal riches for all, on the Christ's terms.......ref/Colossians 1:18, 1 Timothy 4:16, Romans 11:22...........click.

My mind was once occupied with things 'down among the dead men' but now my mind is on things above, where Jesus the Christ is seated at Father's right hand. If we humble ourselves before God, he will lift us up, out of the grave of sin..........ref/Colossians 3:1, 2.
I give thanks to my 'God - Jesus the Christ', the pastor who told me it was wrong to worship the dead, Pastor Sheehan and his wife and all the brethren at 'Jesus the Christ Ministries - Mission' ........Date/12th September 2010...................click.