On the 27.3.2010 JTCM-Mission/Bacolod...  were baptising  brethren down  at Soleo Beach/San Enrique City, Negros -Occidental   in the Philippines and a goodly day was had by all. Joyfilled fellowship followed the baptisms with plenty of  delicious island foods for all, the seafoods were exceptional. There was also a surprise visit from a brother who was from Davao City who received a message from Father regarding his ministry. The entire trip was redeemed unto Messiah.

There was  a  bakers –dozen  plus  baptised  into the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus the Christ ,fully submerged  into water  and  three of these  gave their lives to the Christ on the  day, the rest were already born-again from above...glory to the Lamb.

I live to see peoples  turn to the Christ, be water –baptised ,spirit-filled and spirit led, it’s wonderful...a beautiful  thing to behold  .  However, I must  confess and testify that  my all time greatest  blessing ,love, priority  and that which is nearest and dearest to my heart  is ..Jesus the Christ –Himself... my  God and

Unlike some  who consider the work of the ministry of the Christ or their family as greater importance  than The Christ- himself ,was this not  the sin of the church at Ephesus....denial of ..First Works/First Love.. thinking in their  futility that they were doing something  great  but in truth they were  denying the  author of the New Covenant and the Covenant, especially  the first  command. For the  First and greatest command is the greatest command  there is ,ever  was  and ever  will be and it’s  all  about  Jesus, no human mentioned. God  forbid that we glory in anything or anyone else other than the outworking of .... The Cross and  He who hung there ..ref/Galatians 6:14...selah. Delusion  sets  in when this  is not  our  beloved -belief, people  eventually  start to think that they can be more holy than holy (some, holier than thou, religious to the core, even Papal, after all the Pope does speak Latin, maybe that ‘s what makes him so holy-not) or  we  become holier as we go along the narrow road, it boarders on cultish mindsets. The truth is, one can never be any more holy than holy and one can never be any more obedient than obedient ,you are either holy or you are not and you are either obedient or you are not....ref/Revelation 22:11. Holiness is perfection, is living up to the light/knowledge  we have and God never has given His Spirit in measure, neither does he expect any one soul to live above the light they have, for this is impossible ,this would be unjust, which  he/Jesus is  not and never  will  or can be, for he cannot  deny himself ,he is the just




Baptiser/Pastor Paul Sheehan

Jesus the Christ Ministries-Mission,Bacolod City,Philippines............CLICK