“Therefore Comfort, Encourage one another and Edify one another daily, even as also you do”.. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 …. ENCOURAGE 2013

1/.. Thank you brother Paul for another good letter. You will always get a hearty amen from me, keep up the good work brother. May God continue to bless you, your family and your Ministry in Jesus name .. Amen…
Love in Christ…. Bro. Christian Michel, NSW, Aus... 10.1.2013

2/.. Pastor Paul .. I feel convicted in the Ministry of ‘Jesus the Christ’ to obey Messiahs Words, this I have not experienced in any other Church I have attended before, and I have attended many Churches over the years. Because you are showing me Love through the Truth (repent) I am now able to show others Gods Love by telling them the Truth-Repent .. thank you…. Bro. Moses Garcia, Brisbane, Qld .. 11.1.2013.

3/.. Pastor Paul .. I am really glad that you are not a Compromiser like most Church Ministers today who labour in vain, praise Yahweh that he has His anointed men to lead His people. Your Manuscript ..’Fire and Hammer ‘ is truly a blessing.. Bro. Moses Garcia, Brisbane, Qld .. 12.1.2013.

4/.. Dear Paul .. It certainly is amazing how your Ministry continues to operate in such an effective manner considering the ‘Shoe String’ budget JTCM-Mission is on, no doubt by the Grace of God, the flour and the oil just doesn’t run out, simply amazing .. Sister. Lyn Sheehan,Toowoomba, Qld .. 12.1.2013.

5/.. Pastor Paul .. I used to hate going to Church when my family and I were with The Jehovah Witnesses, all they ever talked about was buying Million Dollar land and building a Million Dollar Church Building. Besides, it was dead anyway. Now I can hear and understand the Word of God… Click … Bro. Isara Nuuola, Brisbane, Qld .. 13.1.2013…

6/..Thank you brother Paul .. It is always a pleasure to read and listen to your sound teaching. Paul warned Timothy to take head to his Ministry and Watch his doctrine. I thank the Lord that there are still some men like yourself that have heeded such Excellent Counsel. For we are truly in a Sickening Culture filled with all forms of Godlessness, led by a host of Self-Loving and Jesus despising Effeminates and Feminists. Have a blessed day brother .. Love in Christ … Bro: Christian Michel .. NSW , Aus .. 21.1.2013.

7/ .. Thank you Pastor Paul…
Before I read your email, I was quickened to post on Facebook the video of the Muslim setting you on Fire at West End. Of course the World would rather comment on peoples Status, that talk about rubbish and nothing about Jesus. Oh dear, I am so blessed to see the Light. Thank you Lord Jesus. God bless you and the family… Sister Roleta …Feb/2013 … :)

8/ .. Pastor Paul…Blessings to you for your Persecution and Preaching of the Truth… ref/Muslim setting you on Fire in the street.. ‘Team Jesus Preachers’-South West Florida ..USA.. 8.4.2013… http://www.youtube.com/user/Juvy679/featured

9/ .. Dear Bro. Paul, I was going to say something about all the human foulness you go through when Preaching the Word, then I thought back a few years when I was quite young. A fiery little chap inquired if I knew the Lord Jesus Christ and very politely I said 'no' and moved on. He was one of ‘a few’ who Preached in the streets of Nottingham – England, yet no one tried to ‘Set Fire’ to him, (as happened to you by the Muslim in Brisbane-2002) or offer up obscene language in response, that was in the 60's I think.

How things have changed ! I get it in the neck (but nothing like you!) for criticizing-correcting the so-called "Alpha Course" which in the UK is - so it's said - the Holy Spirit's answer to the lack of Preachers! Hence the power of Heaven unto Salvation now comes in a Manual, just like the Catholic Truth Society. And ‘they say’ - thousands are 'Saved' by it, and get filled with Holy Ghost - what a Parody of Satan ( e.g., simply by going through the Courses). Some worthy (hell bound) chap has said that Holy Ghost ruins you if you partake of the Remnant-Church, because you get cut off from ordinary Church-Goers - unless of course you keep your trap shut… All the very best in Him, thanks for postings etc., Brother Roger Palmer ..Christian Expression Fellowship, Nottingham...UK……. 8.4.2013

10/ .... Pastor Paul…Out of around 30 graduates from Bible College in Thailand .. my wife is the only remaining one out of the graduates who is today doing the Work of God, surely a sign of the Times… Brother: Anthony ..Thailand .. 8.4.2003.