(Ephesians 6:13-18)


  • A RIGHTEOUS MAN-breastplate of righteousness.

    Righteous because of him Jesus. The righteousness of God by his, Jesus blood. Made righteous by his atoning blood......Hebrews 10:29.

  • OF PEACE-feet shod with gospel of peace.

    A man that ultimately wants all to have peace with all where possible providing one does not have to deny the Christ or his doctrine in the making. A man who wants and desires that all come to make peace with their maker/creator....Yahweh!......Revelation 3:8-10.

  • WALKING BY FAITH-shield of faith.

    Not by sight as most churches today. Not in accord with this evil world or in accord with doctrines of mere religious men and women. To walk by faith is to walk in accord with his, Jesus footsteps/doctrines. to walk by faith is to be free from materialism and therefore manifesting the fruit of this new found liberty by way of doctrine and guidance. By no means promoting mammon or promised lands of gold and silver in this now earth. To walk by faith is to walk in obedience to the victor emmanuel, this is otherwise known as....Love!....1 John 5:1-5.

  • SPEAKING THE WORD OF GOD-sword of the spirit.

    Many stand in pulpits today calling themselves all kinds of things and have managed to gather themselves a substantial number of followers but how many actually speak the word of God/Jesus in its unadulterated form?

  • IN TRUTH-girded with truth or led by spirit of truth.

    Then of course we have the tricksters who do speak the word of God/Jesus and somehow as the serpent deceived the woman Eve are out there right now deceiving many all the way to the lake of fire. The truth is, when a person speaks the word of Yahweh In truth they shall pay the price and that price will be dear. The truth never draws multitudes to give up their lives but always only remnants. The truth is a swear word in todays world.

    The truth is love personified and made known and few enter by the narrow gate or the.....way of truth. Many and most prefer to take the wide road of compromise, lukewarm living, sin, mammon, false doctrine and find that they not only are still discontent but hell bound...... ............Romans 8:14



  • PRAYING ALWAYS-in Christ, in fellowship, in love, with him/Jesus.

    It is simply to walk with Jesus. Praying always comes under the heading of relationship with the Christ not religious repitition or reciting scripture and never doing it. Praying always means to abide with him, Jesus not visit him at a building on Sunday, Wednesday or what they call today in religious circles as cell groups.....(and they are circles).

    Going over the same old, same old ground never able to cease from sin and teach the congregation the very same thing....2 Peter 2:14, 15.

  • KNOWING THAT YOU ARE SAVED-helmet of salvation.

    This is like a helmet to all who are in right standing with Father, right standing being in the light or no known sin operating in that disciples life. Or as brother Wilson says....living your life in the Christ up to the light you have....1 John 2:3-6, Romans 8:16.

  • Jesus does not change he does not need to he is God.
    Pastor Paul Sheehan (feeder of knowledge and understanding)
    Jeremiah 3:15
    15 May 2004.

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P.S. No soul can be saved unless Father first calls. Father calls, Jesus saves and holy ghost teaches.