(not a god or God, not a spirit or a price tag)
On listening to an American (Michael Pitts) on the cctv religious show 30.10.04 I rang the 1800 number they advertised and ask the man handling the calls a question.

The subject MP was teaching on his white board was about faith and the question I asked cctv was, does MP write books, do audio, CD, video and if so does he place price tags on these items?.....or trust God?

The man on the phone didn't know but was willing to find out if MP wrote books etc. Does faith need a white board or does he trust holy ghost to get the message across?

So I ask the man on the phone about faith in God not faith in faith or man but faith in God.....ref/price tags, bar codes, the book of Acts, New Testament examples of faith, trusting God and the way the apostles, disciples, followers of the Christ operated and his answer was as per usual..........we will have to agree to disagree...(click here)
  • St James says that a faith without works to prove your faith is as dead as Roman Catholicism itself.
MP spoke about a faith that considers the potential of failure, he also spoke of taking off the limits that people place on God and as a man thinks so is he. (Ref/Ministry with no price tags)

Anyway my question still remains for MP, does he place price tags on his teachings, articles, items, products?....if he produces any, for if he does, his message is not true but just something he heard someone else say, it sounded good so he thought he would say it too. Are we like the pharisees? we say and not do?.....(click here)

MP also spoke about using up your faith as if it could be. No dear reader faith can not be used up so that you end up at the end of the day with only a little faith left to believe God.....hello?

When you have faith in God and you are using the measure he gave you and no other measure will you ever have, you don't need faith for anything else for you have faith in him/Elohim, this covers everything.

When we do the new covenant not just read it,
quote it or teach it but do it we will automatically walk smack bang into our call, ministry, gifts, blessings, persecutions, problems and salvation ending in eternal life....can you say, glory! or thank you Jesus!

To teach people otherwise is not only cruel but mere teachings of the minds of men and women. The spirit of God has never said.....
  • Well how else shall we minister the gospel, without money?
  • Well how else shall we minister the gospel, unless we market Christs life?
  • Well how else shall we minister the gospel, unless we have price tags?
  • Well how else shall we minister the gospel, unless we rely on $$$$$$$?
  • Well how else shall we minister the gospel, without our might and power?
All of these questions add up to the same total every time......unbelief and double-mindedness void of the leading of the spirit that raised the Christ from the dead......holy ghost the paraclete!

All that's left then is an appearance of godliness but no leading of the spirit of Godliness just marketing, selling, buying, trading, scheming, lying, trickery of men and women and the flesh manifesting in the form and performance of men and women kindling their own fire that is void of holiness......selah!
  • Bible ref/2 Timothy 3:5, 2 Corinthians 2:17, Isaiah 50:10, 11.
Finally MP says that faith is a spirit, no, faith is a substance not 'a' spirit (person or being), but spirit, a spiritual substance. It is the ability to do things without money, man, woman or any other tangible visible thing. But always only ever by Fathers Will.

Faith is granted by Gods will, he hardens and softens, he saves and damns, he gives gifts and measures out quantities of this spiritual substance, faith, to all. Our measure of faith will never change but our knowledge of what we have been given will.....(click here).

Faith itself is always the same substance it never gets big or small it is a set substance that needs never change just as our measure will not change but our understanding, awareness of what God has given us personally will always increase but not the actual measure.(click here).

God never made a mistake when he gave you your measure of faith before you were born, he gave you more than you need to do what he has called you to do in his name.....the large majority simply prefer to use the ye old dollars and cents, credit card, what I see with my eyes stuff......worldly principles with a dash of the power of suggestion even a little witchcraft goes a long way these days......(click here).
  • When your goal is God/Jesus you will have no want for the food you eat they know not about in reality....... ....................Job 23:12.
Faith displays no price tags or bar codes!
Pastor Paul Sheehan
1 Corinthians 4:11....(ref: Jesus became poor so we could be millionaires ask St Paul)

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P.S. Faith is preaching the message of Jesus without a salary or any money $$$$ in the bank. Preaching on TV, Internet, Video, Audio, CD, Publicly and House to House worldwide.....(Click here).