Brother Moses shares with the brethren at the JTCM-Mission fellowship time during lunch on Sunday 25.11.2012 .. ref/Hebrews 10:25, 1 Thessalonians 5:13.

Brethren, I really thought that I had the Truth in a big way when I was listening to a Spanish Minister (I’m Spanish by origin) for a long time on You Tube and one day the Spirit of God spoke to me and said ..

“ There is another who has more and deeper truth than this one.. he is Paul Sheehan, this is the one I want to lead you”… ref/John 16:13.

I didn’t even know Pastor Paul back then, I had just heard all kinds of things about him. But now I know for myself, after checking his teaching that Pastor has the Truth and is anointed of God.

It is here at JTCM-Mission that I find ‘Revelation and Conviction‘ coming from the pulpit and I’m really starting to deal with the issues in my life now, things that I neglected to attend to before I came to JTCM-Mission .. Praise God!.. for the Truth.
Brother: Moses Garcia
PS .. As Pastor Paul says .. “Knowledge puffs up but Revelation Knowledge makes Humble”.