Brother Moses Garcia and Sister Michelle Boiko ..

Escaped from the religious prison of the Assemblies of God in August-September 2012 to find ‘Refuge and Biblical Salvation’ at Jesus the Christ Ministries-Mission . . Click

“There is a Shout of Victory going out and all is well with their Souls” ..

Brother Moses and Sister Michelle were baptised into the Christ down at Redcliffe Qld .. on the 3.10.2012 and look forward to the Victories that Jesus has laid hold of for them at the Tree-Golgotha .. (through Faith-Obedience) Click

"Or do you not know, that as many of Us as were Baptized into The Christ Jesus, were Baptized into His death? Therefore, We were Buried with Him through Baptism into Death, that just as The Christ Jesus was Raised from the Dead by the Glory of Father, even so, we also Should walk in Newness of Life.".. ref/Romans 6:3,4.