Finding The Truth in a World of Lies..

Recently a Samoan brother by the name of Isara Nuuola invited me to the Church-Fellowship he attends, ministers with and is discipled under .. JTCM-Mission and I took up his offer… ref/Revelation 22:17… Click

I didn’t know what to expect to tell the truth, I am 53 years old and was born in New Zealand of a Maori background and raised up with a bit of the Presbyterian Religion and kind of had different experiences with other Churches also along the way. One time I was even Baptised by the Mormon Church but that was only to please my wife, my heart wasn’t really in it, so I guess it counts for nothing anyway.

So on my first meeting @ JTCM-Mission I was really shocked by the Love, Respect and Kindness shown to me by the people there, it was not like any Church I have been to before. Yeah, at the same time the Message really put me on the spot at this Church, the Preacher really got into my head and had me thinking about a lot of things, that I thought I knew.

Some time back when my marriage crumbled through my wife’s unfaithfulness I was one broken man and it was then that I turned to the bottle and all kinds of Sin, I was truly broken hearted and down as far as a man could be, I was a mess.

Anyway, time went by and I made do with living day to day in my own strength, until only recently I came to Jesus for help. I have always been a believer in Jesus but only recently I became a ‘Receiver’ of the Plan God has for my life, Salvation on Faith-Obedience, this started with Repentance down @ the JTCM-Mission on the 17.3.2013 yeah, it’s all good.
I only said to Pastor Paul today that, whenever he wants to Baptise me into Christ I’m ready … J

I have been in Australia for the past 7 years and only now have I come to start to know the Truth of the Message of Christ down @ this little Church in Darra, amazing really.

I‘m getting a new big-print Bible this week, compliments of the Mission, that will be handy and I’m looking forward to taking the journey home to Glory.. ref/Matthew 7:13,14.
Actually Jesus found me .. crazy hey…. J
Neil Harvey
Camira, Qld, Australia
Romans 10:20