My name is Isara Nuuola and I am a New Zealand born Samoan. Since my family and I became Disciples of the Christ and Pastor Paul Sheehan of ‘Jesus the Christ Ministries-Mission’ our life has changed dramatically. My family and I have a whole New Way of living and we are loving every minute of it. Sunday Church Meets are no longer a Religious boring drag with sermons about money and building buildings but are a Righteous joy-filled blessing of the Spirit of God and Fellowship is sweet with the Brethren of the Christ … ref/1 Thessalonians 1:6… Click

Before joining with the JTCM-Mission I used to drink alcohol all the time (as my wife did) and smoke cigarettes and had no power to overcome either, I was simply stuck with these addictions with no real permanent way out, not to mention lost for Eternity and Hell bound. Just like Paul the Apostle before he was converted to the Christ, powerless but very religious, that was me too. Yet once I Repented of my Sin, surrendered to Jesus the Christ and was Water Baptised-fully submerged and started to obey the Christ, these addictions simply disappeared from my life miraculously .. ref/Romans 7:15, Hebrews 5:9.

All the Churches I have attending over my life were unable to offer me liberty, all defeated and bound up with materialism and sin, Brother Moses Garcia has witnessed the same thing. I can’t think of or know of one Samoan Church that live the truth or have it. As for the JWs .. they used to teach my wife-sister Roleta for about 2 years but she too lived a defeated life of sin until she was born-again of the Spirit of God and not the Sperm of men and women… ref/John 3:5, Job 14:1 .. Click

The Mormon Churches and people that I know of who are Mormons drink alcohol, get drunk, smoke cigarettes and gamble, gossip and backbite yet say they are heading to Heaven. This is because they teach that there are 3 Levels of Heaven and you will get in somewhere if you just do what Joseph Smith says… what?..

So today I now go forward with my Pastor and brother in the Christ .. Paul Sheehan and the brethren of JTCM-Mission and minister to peoples on the streets daily, warn my relatives, family and mates of old of Hell Fire. As for my Tradition and Culture well, it has been replaced with the Pearl of Great Price –Jesus the Christ and I am not ashamed of this at all and woe to me if ever I am. I now belong to the family of God now, I am a Saint with nothing whatsoever to do with ‘Pope Francis 1’ or the sinful Roman Catholic Church System… ref/1 Corinthians 1:2

Yes, because of all this change I and my family are fast becoming a thing of the past with most people, praise God, whatever. If two are not agreed how can they walk together? Now my wife looks at me and I look at my wife and we both say together!.. will you just look at us , we are just as God said ‘ New Creations in the Christ’.. Amen!!!
He Came to Set Us Free…
Brother: Isara Nuuola …
JTCM-Mission .. 18.3.2013 ..