"he come to set captives free"

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A young man got talking to my wife some time back about his life as a christian.

This young man was bound by nicotine and whether he went to the love church, the faith church, the demon chasers church, the apostolic church, the money church or the funny church he just stayed bound by Mr Nic Otine.
smokersclick.gif (817 bytes) Anyway my dear little help meet said to this young husband preaches for Jesus and he holds meets in a hall each week and mid-week why don't you come on down? So he took the offer.........

My wife gave him a copy of our book...."Discerning The Times" to read and boy did this get him moving.

This young man was actually coming down to punch me out or so he thought but Father had other plans......amen?

This young man came down one Sunday and man alive it was a glory bound time for all. No, he didn't punch me out in fact he joined the fellowship.......

Well, he told me of his problem with cigarettes and asked me to pray for him. So I layed hands on him and prayed. I also received a word from Father for him which was......
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So he did and you know what happened?.....he was delivered from the clutches of Nic Otine. What do you reckon?
Isn't Jesus just wonderful?
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Mark 16:17, 18

smokersclick.gif (817 bytes), address and phone number shall be provided for all unbelievers, doubters and presumptuous........shalom!