Fire and Soap...  
Greetings bro. Paul, also family and fellowship,      
All refined by the 'Refiner's fire and fullers soap' (Malachi 3:2) ~ that's what it says, had to look it up, this soap cleans up cloth, ready for working on, so I hope we have all had a good scrubbing !

You have to laugh don't you ~ I had a good chuckle at what one of your ‘arrogant respondents’ replied and I have clipped it further down, as otherwise it discolours our text. Ah yes, the false prophet and Great Deceiver moving ever closer, getting folk used to satanic miracles and magic.

If only the Comfort Seeking Church would listen. Incidentally CWM-Christian Witness Ministries are always very slow - deleting my Entry is one element of this. Must have written (to a minister in UK who 'sees to things' ) about 3 months ago, your reminder has given me a nudge.

Thanks for publishing my message, it encouraged me to share it whilst on holiday (Lanzarote) at the hotel non-denominational fellowship - they appreciated it much to my surprise so the good Lord got a clap out of it!

Do you have mid-week meetings ? One day I would be delighted to send you a CD with a message on it, from me, you would of course check it for sound content. Just a thought, thanks for all messages and thoughts from your end, I check them all out and it's small wonder you get this sort of comment from time to time :

“Holy Spirit is having difficulty getting through to you that your actions require attention” ~ L.O.L.

With Holy Spirit's encouragement, He must know you well by now.

Bro. Roger Palmer
Christian Expression Fellowship .. Nottingham/UK ..