Good Brother Paul,
You know, we're Snided-Out with the ‘False Stuff and Creeping Apostasy’. Only good thing, my teeth aren't false !

Whilst I know about Joyce Meyer, Success has made her Arrogant .. Click

She says.. “God has blessed me with (immense) wealth because I am Faithful to Him - why shouldn't I be rich” etc… Click

So I think of the hard working ‘Street Preachers’ and wonder why they aren't Rich (er). Anyway I was really cheered last Saturday when I came into contact with a young working lad who has come to ‘Strong Faith’ by way of the Travellers Community, these good people are 'next door' to Gypsies = Romanian Gypsies, whatever you call them - and to My Surprise he knows more about False Stuff than many Long Serving Christians, after only 2-3 years and has a Very Good Testimony to give of Our Lord Jesus.
He lives a long way away but I’m in contact via e-mail/web site. Oddly, he says that there is a ‘Gypsy Type Christianised Community’ who are very Shallow and don't want to move out any further.

Just like our Churches ..Click

I appreciate what you send me especially the Real Testimonies, speak to you again soon ..
Bro. Roger "we wrestle not against flesh and blood but ..."
Christian Expression Fellowship .. Nottingham/UK
Note by ‘Good Brother Paul’ .. Well, Jesus did say that Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves would enter His Kingdom before the Religious Hypocrites… ref/Matthew 21:31.