I was so lonesome, empty and hurt
Could find me no one to tell of my pain
It was a black man who told me of him
He said Jesus loves you but you're living in sin.

I gave of my life to Jesus that day
Never to worry to worry again
My brother gave freely freely to me
Freely it's given so let's freely give.

Freely, freely give, for I have given
so let's freely give...
Freely, freely give for I have given now
you freely give.

He died on the cross that we may go free
And that all of mankind could live eternally
Remember the words to this song my friend
And Jesus will bless you for obeying him.
  • Written by: Paul Sheehan
    Date: 1988
  • Scriptures: Revelation 22:17-19, Matthew 10:8, Isaiah 55:1, Luke 17:10, Hebrews 5:9.