Full Gospel, Full Counsel
(suppressing no truths)
Romans 1:18.

  • Ray Comfort, a well known international evangelist when asked about topics such as prophecy, predestination/once saved can not be lost. His reply was ....

I tell them that I don't have any opinion because I don't want to divide the body of Christ... and...

I think that teaching on true and false conversion would clear the air when it comes to the contentions between two opinions that so often divide the church...

(taken from his website)

Therefore Mr Comfort clearly states that if people, men or women, turn back from following Jesus they were not ever really saved, converted, made holy, therefore never been washed in the blood of Jesus, cleansed. (This is baptist theology).

Well how is it that St Paul and St Peter both along with other anointed men of God/Yahweh were giving warning to holy, blood washed, spirit filled but no longer spirit led men and women? ... Revelation 3:5, 2:5.

  • Hebrews 3:12 ... who was St Paul talking to here, saved, unsaved, converted or unconverted? ... Paul called them his brethren.
  • 1 Peter 3:17 ... St Peter was talking to.. those who had obtained like precious faith with him the righteousness of God.
  • He said that they could be led away by the errors/false teachings of wicked people.
  • These were converted, blood washed, spirit filled and led saints who had .. like precious faith as Peter himself.
    1 Peter 1:1.

Now dear reader, salvation is ..now.. not yesterday or tomorrow, the osas or once saved can not be lost doctrine is ...Eden Theology... masterminded by the master of deceit, satan the liar and father of every lie ... Genesis 3:3.

Many have made decisions to follow Jesus and have lived on this promise they made but have never really kept it or keep it for a season or seasons yet are contemplating departure this very day. We are saved and being saved no doubt.

The people Paul and Peter spoke to were not just professors of the Christ but were of like precious faith - selah!

It's the old.. God looks down and sees the blood trick, no dear reader, he sees you and me not of a blob of blood, he sees rebellious people or obedient people.

He sees men and women trodding his blood underfoot or men and women keeping themselves from sin. He sees men and women grieving, insulting holy ghost or he sees men and women yielding to holy ghost. All things are transparent to my almighty God... Jesus the Christ

  • How many will be counted worthy to escape the great tribulation period?
  • What do we have to watch for if it's once your saved (said a prayer) you can never get lost again. I believe that we can, ask the prodigal son about that one, he came to his senses before it was too late. There is a time called too late.. the spirit of God will not strive with men and women for ever.
  • Pray always... means to be in fellowship with Jesus at all times there is no room for backsliding, playing with sin, the world or the devils of hell, time is running out, not getting further away from great judgement.

Wouldn't it be just great to say a prayer, continue to tell Jesus we love him, do good deeds, give to the poor, attend a church (any church will do) on Sunday or Saturday, live like dogs and pigs and roll up at the judgement stand and judge Jesus says with a pat on the head... come on in the trough is ready.

Salvation is now, not yesterday, tomorrow or something you promised to do but never really got around to doing because you've just been too busy, besides, your minister or ministerette told you that you made the covenant with your mouth, it doesn't really matter if you don't keep it. You just won't get all your presents from Jesus, that's all, but you'll still be saved, you'll be one of those who just gets in by the skin of their teeth.. eh?

Take the warning today, be ready, don't be in sin.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Revelation 22:11,12.