Go! .. into All the World and Preach the ‘True’ Gospel-Message …

Dear Bro. Paul, I was going to say something about all the Human Foulness you go through when Preaching the Word, then I thought back a few years when I was quite young. A fiery little chap inquired if I knew the Lord Jesus Christ and very politely I said 'no' and moved on.

He was one of a few who Preached in the streets of Nottingham – England, yet no one tried to ‘Set Fire’ to him, (as happened to you by the Muslim in Brisbane-2002) or offer up obscene language in response, that was in the 60's I think.

How things have changed! I get it in the neck (but nothing like you!) for criticizing-correcting the so-called "Alpha Course" which in the UK is - so it's said - the Holy Spirit's answer to the lack of Preachers! Hence the power of Heaven unto Salvation now comes in a Manual, just like the Catholic Truth Society. And’ they say’ - thousands are 'Saved' by it, and get filled with Holy Ghost - what a Parody of Satan ( e.g., simply by going through the courses). Some worthy (hell bound) chap has said that Holy Ghost ruins you if you partake of the Remnant-Church, because you get cut off from ordinary Church-Goers - unless of course you keep your trap shut Click.

If you don't, you can 'Smell' the resentment when you start to touch a nerve, and have to remember to be like our Lord Jesus, who rebuked many, without any rancour-hatred. When Peter was in the Garden with Jesus, he cut off the priest's servant's ear, in defence of our Lord. Jesus put it back on again! There's a sermon here somewhere. I always say and I know you are exactly the same, 'if you think I'm wrong, then tell me why'? Fair point ?

Well, on to other matters, trust you are well in spirit, and your loved ones. I delight to hear about all the simple folk coming to God's Son and sticking to it, going Onwards, getting Baptized. One simple hearted chap who sells Kleen-Eze on the doorstep wanted to get Baptized at his own Church, they faffed-messed about for so long, he ended up in the River Jordan in Israel - the only sure way of getting Baptized! You couldn't make it up ! .. Click

By the way we buy from him his cleaning product, which is why my good lady-wife got chatting to him, and found out about his strong Christian faith. I have to say it, Our Lord is scouring the ditches, by-ways and highways for the lost, and finding them - all End-Time-Last Days stuff. Oh yes, CWM-Christian Witness Ministries-Brisbane are a little tardy-sluggish regarding removing my name from their Affiliation List, I can't see that they'll get any quicker in the foreseeable future, and though I've never seen him, Phil Powell he was the only one who agreed to giving me Web-Space about 16 years ago, this never happened. Mind you, they're all getting a bit old (like me) at the top end - might explain matters I suppose.

All the very best in Him, thanks for postings etc., Brother Roger Palmer ..Christian Expression Fellowship, Nottingham...UK……. 8.4.2013