To Pastor Paul Sheehan…..
My attitude or my attention is the ‘Commonality of the Christian Faith’, (what Unites Us) and not Denominational differences, including those with made up Bogey men.

Does Love Cover a Multitude of Sin? God is love isn't He? Does Grace cover a Multitude of Sin? Jesus Saved us by Grace. Neither one tells us to keep Sinning, or that ‘we're covered’. Once Saved, Always Saved .. I disagree with that.

We are saved by Grace, but must strive not to Sin. Should I assume based upon your statements that if someone were to die right now that they could be destined for hell? If that is what you believe, no one will be Heaven Bound. Not even the Saints themselves for "All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God."..

Wake up man. It's hard to admit your faults. I'm the first one to admit that ……..’I'm Not Perfect, Just Forgiven’… Click

Bob Grant
GODSPACT .. A General Organization Dedicated to Securing and Preserving America's Christian Traditions…USA ..
Comment by Pastor Paul Sheehan…
“Mr Grant has said to me in other letters that his Calling is to ‘Correct and Teach’ peoples in Government and Religion, can you believe it. Well, as you can see for yourself in his letter above .. the man is deluded. He has no idea of the Truth or the depths of Messianic Doctrine. And any person with any degree of Revelation Knowledge, Messianic Humility and Honesty would see that also … Not saved by Grace but by’ Grace .. on Faith–Obedience’ up to the light/knowledge one has .. ref/Romans 11:22… Click

However, I use this one letter, as with many others, to show all, the condition of Churched Peoples Minds and Hearts worldwide (confused and filled with pride) in these Perilous Times we now live … Beware!.. let no man, woman or Religion/Denomination deceive you, especially those brandishing Certificates”… Click