The Great Commission - Part 2
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Not My Will But Thine.

My first real association with people from the Philippines was in Madrid/Spain. While preaching the word of God in my home town for around six to eight months I lived with a brother in the Christ who by the grace of God allowed me to stay in his comfy house, which also had a swimming pool to cool off after a long day on the streets.....Click

It was in this man's house that Father spoke to me to go to Spain and minister what He had deposited in me. While in Spain/I met with folk from the Philippine Islands and on returning to Australia, I then left for the Philippines. All the way along the road of ministry .. one door has closed and another opened for me by my precious Father, who art in heaven ... Psalm 139:8-10 .... tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.

Although the Philippines held many attractions for me, it was only for a season just as our life is as human beings, life is so short my friend so lets say with all our heart .. Not my will Father but thine!

Many are following in the way of religions and rituals, traditions of men and highly organised denominations in the world today but to follow master Jesus is another story all together... Matthew 8:22.

Below are some pictures of one of the three missions Father took me on in the Philippine Islands. These journeys were not your usual religious outings arranged by rich church structures in big cities. These trips rattled me and all whom I encountered, to the glory of Jesus.

The stories that can be told of these seasons in my life would take much paper, they were unique to say the least. Things are always unique when we follow the master. . amen? ...... Luke 4:24-30.

Below are a few shots of a particular village I went to in the mountains of .. Kabankalan/Negros Island .. we all experienced the power of holy ghost each time we met. There was no forty-piece band there or any million dollar sound system to rely on nor did we advertise for six months prior to our meets. They came and they received ... Zechariah 4:6.


1.. Pastor and I returning from visiting local church members around the rice fields.
2.. Fellowshipping with Pastor in another Pastors house.
3.. Outreach to local village.
4.. Outreach in local plaza.

Allow me to say that all pictures clearly show us that .. Jesus has given
the poor to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom of God. As I have followed the master/Jesus, wherever He calls me to go, I have always come to find a blessing waiting for me there that I can bearly contain.

Picture 1.. shows us their transport arrangements.
2.. shows us the state of the art housing of the pastor.
3.. shows us a no gimmicks gospel meet, with hands raised.
4.. shows us a hunger to hear about Jesus, light in the darkness.

  • How many people have met Jesus and conversed with Him in prayer and somewhere along the way have been led away from the road called strait?

  • How many people have been called to leave their comfy armchairs and jobs and cars and houses to follow the master Jesus to some seemingly dull, worthless, poverty laden broken village but never bother to answer the call? ... Matthew 25:14-30.

  • How many so called Christians, sit in their modern day bible colleges and theological theatres waiting for the praises of men and women to feed their ugly egos while souls walk on in darkness to an eternal hell?

Jesus wants His Church to repent and cease worshipping the Church and start worshipping Him/the master by giving up their lives for a hell bound world and casting their bread upon the waters. Face it my friend, your life is not worth living unless you live it for Jesus.


- Philippians 1:21.
- Isaiah 55:11.
- 1 Corinthians 15:58.