Hello Pastor Sheehan.. A timely Mid-Week Teaching you taught this week August the 1st 2012 ..
Many Christians believe that there is only one day of God's wrath, and that is the day He returns, the Day of the Lord, and stands in Jerusalem. They have the idea that all judgements are all executed by the Devil .. ref/Ezekiel 9 .. Click

There are so many False Doctrines today, it is mind boggling. Boastings of Big Revivals .. when Christ spoke of The Falling Away and few finding the Narrow/Truth Gate. They teach that Paul the apostle was never saved and they use that as an excuse to denounce all of the NT teachings of Paul, how convenient.

‘OSAS-Absolute Predestination’ is almost Universally accepted, except for a Remnant . All Roman Catholics and many in other Churches believe in Post Tribulation Rapture, because they believe The Church will conquer the Whole World in a Big Revival .. Click

But that will be the Anti-Christ Church which will follow the Beast.. Click

No one wants to speak against the Roman Catholic (WHORE) Church or the Mega Materially Rich Pentecostal Apostates. They almost all fear to make Righteous Judgements. The Roman Catholic Church has 5 Organisations which have been sent into All the World and all Churches- Denominations … these are all under … ‘The Great Papal Commission’…
1..Focolare, 2.. Communion and Liberation, 3.. Neocatechumenate, 4..Opus Dei, and 5..New Covenant Ministries International …will give you a good idea of their Workings and their Evil Intentions.
These groups have 30 million members, whose sole task is to Refute All Biblical Truth and Deceive Any and All Churches that do not Submit to the Authority of the Pope and Rome . They are trained by the Jesuit priests all over the world.
Their first target was the Bible Colleges, they knew if they could control the Pastors and make them like Roman Catholic Priests, then they could deceive many in the Churches.

And with the One World Church Movement advancing quickly and facing little opposition, most in the Churches just blindly follow on, little knowing that they are on the Broad Path that leads to Hell-Fire Eternal … Click

The loyalty of the Churched People today seems to be First to the Pastor or Priest, Second to the Religious-Denomination/Organisation, then to the Nations People and last but not least the National Government.
Jesus Christ doesn't rank anywhere. Astounding !!!!

Bro: Paul Ryan-China …
‘Church News Abroad’ .. 3.8.2012