How Are You All?

Hello Paul, Juvy, Shadrach and Hannah.............
How are you all?

Paul, thank you for persevering  in the work of the Lord, thanks for being honest with me, I can accept that and it is very helpful to me. I believe that you are a good example to the committed believers......James 5:10, 11.

I Have confidence in your teachings and I believe you really do feed the saints knowledge and understanding. Your wife Juvy is also a good example in her conduct and hospitality. She certainly helps the brethren out and is good with your family........Psalm 37:14.

You are all blessed. I can learn from the truthful doctrine and deeds which are performed at 'Jesus the Christ Ministries' and all the glory belongs to God the Father and Lord Jesus Christ.....Isaiah 1:17.

I will be leaving for China soon, God willing, please say hello to all the brethren for me.

● God Bless
● Brother Thomas L.....
● Osaka, Japan


Postscript: I watched your message "Converted" on the world web recently, it was a great and true message that one. Here is my forwarding address.......